Maintaining Compliance in the Cloud with Quality Management Systems (QMS)

[The following article was written by guest author, Declan Peltier.]

Like many industry realities, dealing with compliance is as important as it is a pain. Without having a strong system in place to regulate, manage, and measure your company’s quality, processes, and  overall industry compliance, things can go awry—and fast. 

Of course, few things set a company off to a strong and steady start like top-notch quality and compliance. Without it, your company cannot function as a well-oiled machine. With it, businesses can improve their internal processes to bring them to their most efficient and effective.

It Measures Quality

Manage your business with QMS to ensure quality.

No matter what industry you are in, quality will set you apart from competitors. “Quality” is a generally broad term encompassing products, production, procedures, protocol, documentation, training, security, notifications, and overall company communication systems—each of which are essential pieces of your company’s overall quality score. 

And, of course, to provide high quality products and services, you must first solidify quality processes. QMS software helps you do just that so you know where processes are performing well, and where you need to make adjustments.

It Helps Manage and Secure Your Documents and Data

Instead of having a messy web of documents sent—or maybe not sent, because accidents happen—QMS can keep it all in the cloud in a centralized repository that is secure and from which it easy to retrieve. The system can also handle any kind of document, regardless of the software used to make it. Because of this, there is no need to make sure your existing document software matches. The system can also automate routing, delivery, escalation, and approval of documents; so you’ll know that your documents and messages are always secure, and that they are where they are supposed to be.

It Helps You Manage Complaints 

In the event that you get customer complaints, QMS software will allow you to manage those complaints more effectively by connecting complaint management to the rest of the company’s quality system. With QMS, no complaints will slip through the cracks — you can track them from through to completion. 

It Can Help You Effectively Train New Employees

QMS can provide new employees with a more comprehensive training.

Finally, QMS can be used to make training processes more efficient. The system can automate the delivery of training tasks to employees and automate a grading system for online exams to ensure that training results are fast and effective. With the document control feature, all training documents can also be securely stored, centralized, and accessed.

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