Low investment high returns: 3 businesses to start in 2019

[This article was written by Will Jordan.]

We have all been searching for the year that changes us. The year that changes not only us but it also gets us the opportunities we seek. It’s like looking for a hero or a savior. The problem is that we don’t see that savior coming. Hoping and not working for the change we long for is the problem. Why look for the change outside when the real change needed is within us? Why look for heroes when we ourselves have the potential to be one?

This longing for heroics and needs, when pulled closer to reality, boils down to work and money. Everyone wants to make a living and spend life as they have always wanted. The opportunities seem scarce and the future bleak. That’s hopelessness and this piece here is to change that. We are here to empower you to be the change and take control and start cruising towards your dreams.

You no longer have to print resumes, hunt for jobs or save money to start your own venture. We are here to share business ideas that require minimal capital and offer progress as fast as AT&T internet speeds. Let 2019 be the year in which you take charge, be in control, and be the hero!

1.      Domain Dealer

This world of internet and web is amazing. It has opened new avenues, brought new opportunities and gave a second chance to everyone. This world of opportunities offers chances that you can avail with little to no investment. Where to start when finding business ideas that require little money and offer decent returns? You look for it on the internet. What are the resources that provide ideas, resources and opportunities? Websites. These websites have a name which we call a domain name.

Domains are in an empty lot and any bypasser can pick them up. They are sold, purchased, and profits are made. Websites like godaddy.com offer domain names that start from prices as low as $0.99. That price is literally negligible. Once bought, now it is time to put it up for sale and wait for buyers. What price to ask for? That depends on your bargaining skills, how badly the other party wants it, and the brand chasing it. A domain bought for under a dollar can be sold up to millions. All you have to do is be creative to know what domain names will the big brands look for. It’s not just the multinationals. You can also get domains that local well-established businesses may be looking for. Instead of selling it for millions you sell it for $1000. That $999 in profits with an investment that is under one dollar!

2.      Be a YouTube Star

How many hours have you spent on YouTube? Hundreds for sure. What do you watch? Music, trending videos, cartoons, epic fails and general videos that seem to give you interesting information. Maybe you like and follow someone with a unique talent. Why do you think they put in so much effort in making nice videos? Simple, it pays them. YouTubers earn millions of dollars every year.

You know you have a star hidden inside you or you have always wanted to be famous. Setting up a YouTube channel can get you recognition, fame, and money that you have always wanted. Making channel will not cost you anything and you can start making videos with your phone. Start earning and you can start upgrading equipment. Making videos will polish your talent and get you the chance of learning editing and camera skills. Worst case scenario the channel does not work? You can always turn to the industry and use your video editing skill to get a decent buck. Two down with one blow. That’s failsafe!

3.      Master SEO

SEO or search engine optimization refers to the process of optimizing of a website to rank higher against certain search terms. Better or higher ranking websites get more attention, a higher number of visitors and better sales. This helps in revenue generation and get higher profits. This is exactly why it is in demand.

This is a sought after skill. Why? The contemporary world offers opportunities to remove barriers, eliminate restriction, and engineer new ways. The Internet is turning out to be the biggest source of sales and revenue generation. SEO is an ongoing process and requires you to be on your toes. Google keeps updating search algorithms means that you will need to have the knowledge and be always be ready to make immediate changes.

Mastering SEO will open new horizons and opportunities for you. It requires little to no monetary efforts and demands hard work with dedication.


Every human is born with a gift of their own. It takes little digging and polishing to bring the star out. Most of us lack the funds to start an entrepreneurial venture but the internet revolution has changed that. All you need is hard work and the will to be the leader. Investment as low as one dollar can get you on working ways and playing your cards right can get you profits that you have always wanted. Those that believe in becoming a superstar too have the opportunity to tell the world who they are and showcase their talent. Finally, those who like technology and are shy, can sit behind a computer and work their magic. Skills, hard work, and a little creativity are the ingredients of success.

Author Bio: Will Jordan is a content writer at AT&T Internet

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