Listen Up! Types of Marketing That Are Most Likely to Convert New Customers

[This article was written by Anita Ginsburg.]

It can be difficult to decide where to spend your company’s marketing budget because every strategy has its merits and works to some extent. For success, you must find methods that will work in your company’s situation and within your budget. When you focus on one or two proven methods at a time, you can determine the best path for getting excellent results that create awareness and turn leads into customers.

Social Media

Social media includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and other platforms, and it can be difficult to decide which platforms will work best for you. The biggest advantage of marketing on these platforms is that most people use social media, sometimes for hours a day. That means it’s used by a wide range of people across all demographics. While there is a considerable learning curve and marketing on these platforms can be time-consuming and competitive, costs are low. Social media can also create strong loyalty.


Some companies believe TV marketing is too expensive, but it can be more affordable than you think when you choose local programming, overnight slots, or digital subchannels. Some companies, like NYI – New York Interconnect, know that people are spending more time than ever watching television, and the audience is among the widest available to marketers. TV viewers tend to be loyal to favorite brands, and it’s easy to target specific cities and regions with TV marketing. It’s a great compliment to social media in building awareness too.

Direct Mail

Popular for decades because it works, direct mail has somewhat fallen out of favor. Nonetheless, it has significant advantages. It is highly targeted, easy to personalize, tangible, and relatively low in cost. Its results are easy to track and manage too. All you need is a good mail piece and a list to get started. A direct mail marketing company can help you select the right targeting approach, then your promotional materials can be in consumers’ hands in days.


Email marketing is an extension of direct mail. It’s highly targeted, simple to personalize and easy to track. It can’t be ignored because every piece of email must eventually be deleted, even if it’s ignored at first. It’s also inexpensive. The downside is that digital inboxes are often flooded with unwanted messages, and yours could get lost in the crowd. Still, there’s no easier way to reach a global audience than email.

When the budget is limited, social media and email marketing are cheap and effective. Television and direct mail aren’t as expensive as many companies believe and are proven effective as well. For many companies, a good strategy is to rotate through marketing methods until you find the one that makes the biggest splash for you, then stick with it.

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