Leveraging Technology for Integrated Marketing Communication

[This articles was written by Jim Rutherford.]

There is so much clutter in the consumer consciousness that marketing a unique message that resonates is nearly impossible.

In order to separate from the mundane and the profane, it is more important than ever to keep a consistent message in your interaction with potential customers. With all of the other stimuli affecting the consumer purchasing process, keeping your advertisement free of clutter is paramount to running a successful marketing campaign.

Keeping your message clear, concise, and consistent can prove infinitely more effective than a flashy ad with the scantily clad.

Put Your People on the Same Page

With so many marketing platforms from traditional media to social media to your front-line salespeople, how can you effectively incorporate all of your various communication channels to give establish a united front for your brand and make sure that all of your company stakeholders are on the same page?

Take Advantage of Technology

Technology may make integrated marketing communications more difficult with all of the new channels the internet provides, but it can also make consolidating those communication channels infinitely easier. With the proper use of an enterprise marketing platform, you can seamlessly integrate your various marketing outlets and collaborate with your representatives.

This amazing interface allows you to edit your marketing materials anywhere and have access to that material on the go. With so many representatives, contractors and web representatives involved in day to day business operations, clearly communicating the desires of management to a diverse workforce is critical to implementing a successful marketing initiative. Without having to wait for information to trickle down the corporate ladder, you can effectively eliminate gaps in understanding and make a cohesive push in perpetrating brand awareness across all avenues.

Don’t be Afraid of Change

Implementation of new materials and platforms can cause businesses to lose traction and the learning curve can be rather steep. This can be particularly disconcerting for companies that have relied on more traditional contact methods or those that have become acclimated to a certain system or software platform. Luckily, the developments in these marketing automation systems have come a long way. You won’t have to throw out the old ways to enjoy the new. These products are fully scalable and grow with your company.

Some might be concerned about the costs associated with such growth. It can be difficult for small businesses to obtain financing, especially given the tight credit restraints lenders are currently imposing. If you have the opportunity to grow your company and need the financial resources to do so, there are other nontraditional financing options out there that can help you on your way to expanding your promotional efforts. I would suggest taking a close look at your business and analyzing all of the added benefits an effective and integrated marketing campaign could have on your business and if it is worth the inherent risks that come with expansion.

In addition to incorporating your communication channels and assisting your content management, enterprise marketing systems can also integrate your existing sales force and other workforce management applications. However, in order for this cohesive approach to achieve optimal results, it is important that the person(s) drafting the creative copy is maintaining a consistent message throughout their various promotional material publications.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you’re while you’re spreading your content across the internet, you’re following the rules.

Be Clear; Get Clear Results

Having easy access and understanding of the company message is valuable, but only if the original message is effectively crafted. Think of the distribution of information to your consumers as a game of telephone on a massive scale. If the original message is clear, concise, and memorable then it is infinitely more likely to be understood by the time it reaches the end of the communication chain.

Jim Rutherford is an avid reader of Forbes and fishing blogs when he’s not working his day job as a writer for VMC Capital. 

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