Leveraging an eSignature Solution to Streamline Sales Operations

[This article was written by Kevin Peterson.]

As organizations are continuing to transform digitally, signing electronically has now become an essential part of carrying out regular business functions. Each industry requires paperwork to be signed almost daily.

Giving up these traditional paper-based processes will drive you into progress, time and cost savings, compliance, and effectiveness. Thus, one of the best decisions that companies can make is to eliminate the use of paper and deploy an online electronic signature solution.

Other than selling products and services to their target audience, salespeople spend a lot of time managing paperwork. By leveraging a freehand eSign generator, the sales staff can easily empower themselves to leverage their time constructively, while building a strong relationship with current and future customers.

  1. Fast and Productive Sales

The sales process comprises of many decisions, which are typically enforced by needing to filter through multiple documents. Various managers, stakeholders, and staff members are required to submit approvals.

The more time it takes to complete the signing process, the more money it will take to implement crucial business decisions into actions and fulfill sales targets. This delays the results as the decision might go missing amongst all the lengthy formalities and paperwork to be sifted through, ultimately the optimal moment of the sale could get lost.

In case a salesperson wants the process to be faster and make it more productive, then you must shorten the time between making a decision and deploying it.

This is where an eSignature solution comes into the picture. With the right solution, signing off on contracts and sealing the deal becomes easier. It contributes to enhancing the productivity of not only sales but the entire company as well.

  1. Security and Safety

At this time of such digital growth, it is essential to form a balance between encouraging sales while also ensuring legality and safety. Your clients should feel satisfied and protected when completing deals with your company. Handling paper files is daunting, they can be tampered with, misplaced, and tends to be error-prone.

On the other hand, electronic signatures can provide better security for your crucial documents, while they move from you to the vendor and back. More than 80% of businesses today consider leveraging robust eSignature software, as a significant aspect to carry out daily business operations. The solution is compliant with exceptional security measures that aid you in sending, receiving, and storing electronic documents.

  1. Eliminate Paper

Documents and approvals are an integral part of sales operations.  Traditionally it takes at best three to five days to gather signatures, either in-person or via fax. The hassle of paperwork delays the workflow and minimizes the overall turnaround times.

By leveraging an online eSignature system, the entire sales team can create, send, and get contracts signed effortlessly. Users can define each field, decide the orders of events, and acquires granular insight in the advancement of the document. There is also an option of sending reminders to those who still need to sign, which aids the entire team in completing the process without delays.

The contracts remain in the digital format all through the lifespan, which means there are no more chances of missing out on important information, receiving a signature, or repetitive inquiries about when a contract gets completed.

  1. Save Time with No Errors

Previously, the usual time frame required to prepare a contract and get it signed, used to take a minimum of at least one week. These times used to differ depending on how near or far the signees were from each other. Obviously, this is a time-consuming procedure, and if any mistakes are found within the contract, then the time needed to fix and resend the agreement only increases.

The online contract signing method makes this whole process quicker and easier. Organizations eliminating paper minimizes their processing times with fewer errors. It does not matter how far signers are from each other. They can still collaborate easily and sign the documents quickly with fewer delays in the sales pipeline. This is a blessing for most sales teams as they save valuable time and acquire the targets more effectively.

  1. Seamless Processing

Because the sales process is not limited to a specific location anymore, it can range across various countries and multiple locations. The significance of easy collaboration between various parties is crucial to make the sales process more productive and more straightforward.

A signer can be in a different city or country but will receive the documents at the same time as every other signer. There is no need for mailing and scanning contracts, and professionals can get straight to the business of signing.

Deploying electronic signature software into sales operations can be a significant change for your company and guarantees that the sales department will close more deals efficiently and meet their sales targets on time.

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