Information Technology Consulting Firms Help Small Businesses Convert to Cloud Computing

[Today’s guest post is by Andrew Salisbury of Prosum Technology Services.]

Small business owners are moving to the cloud!
Small business owners are moving to the cloud!
What business owner doesn’t want to grow his or her operations? While expanding is a realistic and logical goal, many small businesses just aren’t ready, particularly when it comes to IT and data aspects.

With growth comes IT management that’s more complex, with bigger servers and more data. For this reason, entrepreneurs often look to IT consulting companies to help them get started with cloud computing.

Information technology consulting firms assist business owners who are ready to make the switch by helping them choose a platform that offers the benefits the business needs and the security business owners seek.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Sure, you could keep your data local. But consider the benefits that cloud computing has to offer.

Unprecedented accessibility.

When you’re in the cloud, you can retrieve the information you stored from any device that has an internet connection. This means you don’t have to be at the office to view a client’s file or use a specific computer.

Save time.

Information technology consulting firms can help you with sections of data in the cloud that you’d like to share with other users. Once this is set up, it won’t take as long to share large files or send bulk emails.

Simplified files.

You can configure and organize your data in a way that makes sense to you. If you’re not sure how to start, IT consulting companies can help.


When you make the switch to the cloud, IT professionals can modify your setup to meet the specific needs of your small business. This lets you customize everything from the color of tabs to the way you store and access data.

24/7 protection.

Information in the cloud is constantly monitored from a remote location, protecting a small business’s data from hackers and power losses.

Security Precautions to Protect Your Files

One of the concerns IT consulting companies hear about most from SMBs is in regards to security risks. With the desire to remain competitive, companies that offer cloud solutions are continually developing improved security measures to keep data out of the hands of wrongdoers. To keep your data safe while it’s in the cloud, information technology consulting firms recommend the following practices:

Cloud computing means your data is encrypted and secure.
Cloud computing should mean your data is encrypted and secure.


Look for cloud services that offer the latest encryption standards and encryption key tools so that your data is secure.

Tight access controls.

When your information is in the cloud, set up strict access controls to specific users. This avoids access by unnecessary personnel.

Remote monitoring.

With remote monitoring tools, you can track server access, remote access and file changes from any device that has an internet connection. Set up alerts to notify you of problems or strange activity.

With the guidance of IT consulting companies to help mitigate risks and find tailored solutions, small businesses can feel confident about converting to cloud computing.


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This article is courtesy of Andrew Salisbury, Director of IT Service Operations at Prosum Technology Services. Prosum provides information technology consulting, cloud support services, and IT staffing in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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