Important Safety Measures to Implement in Your Office With COVID on the Rise

[This article was written by Meghan Belnap.]

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise again, it’s important to consider the well-being of the employees who make your office great. After all, if your employees become ill, your business can’t operate, which will quickly lead to your company’s downfall. That’s why it’s so crucial to put safeguards in place that give your employees a better chance of staying virus-free while they’re at work.

Sneeze Guards

Aerosolized droplets are one of the most common ways to pass COVID-19 from person to person. To help protect your employees from these droplets, sneeze guards are an absolute must. In addition to placing sneeze guards between employees and customers, placing them between your individual employees should be a major priority, as well. Although they can’t stop every germ, sneeze guards provide an important first line of defense for employees who would otherwise be quite vulnerable.

Temperature Checks

Although the coronavirus continues to mutate as it ages, it still results in similar symptoms as it did at the beginning of the pandemic. Therefore, one of the best things that you can do to keep your employees safe is to implement COVID-19 employee temperature screening. By screening every employee who comes into your office, you may be able to discover an employee with a fever who wasn’t aware they were sick. Thus, you can keep your office safe and help that employee receive treatment more quickly.

Regular Sanitization

Although most people in your office won’t be moving around as much, there will still be areas that multiple people touch throughout the day. To prevent these places from becoming germ spreaders, it’s important to implement a regimen of regular sanitization. To help keep it simple, you can designate a single person as the sanitizer so that they can educate themselves on the best sanitization practices.

Improve Airflow

Another quick way to spread COVID-19 amongst a group of people is to put them in a room with poor airflow. If your office suffers from a lack of airflow, it’s important to find ways to improve this condition. Whether it’s opening a window or upgrading the HVAC system, getting fresh air into your office could prevent several people from becoming ill.

With all of the new changes taking place in your office, it can be easy for your employees to become overwhelmed and discouraged. To help prevent burnout, it’s vital that you provide extra encouragement to your employees, especially when implementing new procedures. This will keep them motivated as COVID-19 drags on through the months.

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