How You Can Use Your Product Development Process in Your Marketing

[This article was written by Lizzie Weakley.]

Crafting successful marketing is more of an art than a science. There are many places to draw inspiration from. However, sometimes the science of how a product came to be can also be involved in the creation of effective marketing. If you want to create advertising that really grips people’s attention spans, one way to do so is taking a look at your product development process. It can be extremely informative in regards to developing the best way to sell a product to the public.

Product Development Starts with Marketing Considerations

Many people tend to think of marketing as something that occurs after a product has been developed. This actually isn’t the case for most companies. Instead, a product is developed with a general idea of how it will be marketed being considered in the earliest stages. Generally, there is an original idea of who will buy the product and how it will be sold to consumers. This, of course, helps ensure that the investment made into that developing that product will not be wasted.

Market Research Is Essential

One of the most important stages of the product development process is market research. This involves studying markets, consumers, competitors and more to determine whether or not a product will be marketable. You are likely to find plenty of valuable information regarding your product for future marketing campaigns. You may, for example, discover which aspects consumers like most about your product. Those aspects can later be emphasized in advertisements.

Use the Product’s Make-Up to Market It

Many things go into the design of a product. You can integrate some of these elements into your marketing campaigns. For example, you may have worked with a chemical supplier in New Jersey to develop a new cleaner. The names of the chemicals that act as the cleaning agent can be used to market the product and sell the fact that it works through a real chemical process to consumers.

Exciting Facts About a Product Are Great Marketing Points

The research and development stage of bringing a product to market must be very technical. Often, many companies work directly with mechanical engineers, scientists and other learned professionals in developing a new product. The product of course has to work and has to be safe. During this process, all kinds of facts will be recorded during testing. You may, for example, discover that your new laundry detergent does a better job at removing grease than the top three detergents currently on the market. Not only would this be a great sales pitch, but you also have the scientific data to back it up.

There are many different ways to market a product. However, the best way to market it may have been made obvious during the earlier research and development phase. Make sure your marketing plans include valuable information obtained during that part of the process.

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