How to Upgrade Your Customer Service for the Modern Technical Era

[This article was written by Meghan Belnap.]

With $62 billion lost every year as a result of poor customer service, today’s businesses need to update their customer service efforts to accommodate the latest technology. From various tech integration, add-ons to sending regular email newsletters, businesses aiming to improve their customer support need to upgrade. The following four suggestions will help any company make important changes to their customer support.

Use Add-On Website Chat Options

According to statistics, customers are three times as likely to purchase something after using a live chat feature on a business’ website. This automated support allows customers to access this chat feature 24/7. These live chat options are easily accessible through a business’ website, giving customers every opportunity to have any questions or concerns answered immediately.

Offer Email Support

Email support is another way for companies to offer their customers support. As 62% of customer requests are ignored, it’s important for businesses to be proactive about their efforts to improve their support by encouraging customers to ask their more in-depth questions via email. This way, companies can craft a well-researched and thought out response to any customer questions.

Use SMS Text Support

Texting isn’t just an efficient way to communicate outside of work. Businesses can take advantage of SMS text support by using services like Text Request to communicate with customers. Through this service, businesses have a professional format to offer customers solutions to their most pressing needs.

With a business SMS service, companies are able to instantly communicate with their customers in a way that is more convenient to them. This way, businesses can convert their website visitors into customers.

Send Regular Newsletters with Loyalty Deals

Customers won’t often ask for the one thing they want more than anything else: discounts and lower prices. While many businesses feature discounts on their websites and social media accounts, sending customized emails with deals to customers will have a greater impact. By proactively sending regular newsletters featuring deals to loyal customers, businesses will be able to make these customers feel valued while encouraging them to make more purchases.

Technology has the power to significantly transform companies’ efforts to support their customers. By applying the aforementioned four suggestions to their customer support strategies, businesses will be able to improve communication efforts with their customers and improve customer relations overall.

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