How to Save Energy Costs For Your Small Business Through Office Renovation

[This article was written by Meghan Belnap.]

In addition to making your office more eye-catching and comfortable, renovations could also improve its energy efficiency. With some small tweaks and upgrades, your energy bills could drop by thousands of dollars a year.

Metal Roofs

Metal is one of the most efficient building materials, and your new metal roofing could easily last for well over 50 years with the proper maintenance. Unlike many other roofing materials, metal will reflect the sun’s UV rays instead of absorb them, and that is going to keep your office much cooler during the sweltering summer months. Once your new metal roof is installed, you should consider replacing or upgrading your insulation as well.

Tinted Windows

There are quite a few reasons why you might want to have all of the windows throughout your office building tinted. After the panes have been tinted, it will be much easier to keep the inside of your office at a consistent temperature, and that is going to save you money. Tinting the windows is also going to protect items like chairs and computers from excessive sun damage.

Smart Thermostats

When it comes to office upgrades, very few options are as cost-efficient as smart thermostats. Depending on how often you use your office’s HVAC system, those devices could potentially pay for themselves within a matter of months. Your smart thermostats can easily be programmed and adjusted from anywhere in the world, and you will be able to turn off the heating and cooling system with nothing more than your smartphone. Many smart thermostats also learn your habits, and they will automatically turn off if the office is empty or the day is winding down.

Upgrade the Lighting

Even in a relatively small office, keeping the lights on can be somewhat expensive. Older light bulbs are extremely inefficient, and you might be wasting hundreds of dollars a year on those bulbs without even realizing it. Switching from incandescent bulbs to CFL bulbs could reduce the amount of energy that is used for lighting by as much as 50 percent, and energy-efficient bulbs often last for well over 10,000 hours.

If you have carried out these upgrades and are still struggling with high energy bills, then you might want to hire an inspector who specializes in commercial energy audits. One of those specialists will be able to identify any efficiency issues throughout your office that could be impacting your energy bills.

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