How to Reach Your Business’s Target Audience on Social Media

[This article was written by Kara Masterson.]

In modern marketing, few strategies are as effective as promoting your products and services on social media. With social media marketing, you can successfully reach huge numbers of people at affordable rates. Here are four tips for reaching your business’s target audience on social media.

Know Your Target Audience

The first step to reaching your target audience is being able to narrowly define it. Know how old your customers are, where they’re from, what their interests are, and how much disposable income they have. All of these factors can be used for targeting your social media ads, but it’s up to you to know them.

Create Relevant, Sharable Content

One of the beauties of social media is the power of sharing. When you reach one member of your target audience, he or she will have the option to share your posts with friends that are in similar demographics. This increases the effectiveness of your ad spending and helps you reach people more quickly. If you aren’t sure how to create highly sharable content, consider partnering with a professional content creation agency like Chambers Media.

Use Split Testing to Refine Your Strategy

One of the best ways to optimize your social media campaigns is through split testing. This is a form of ad research in which you create two different versions of the same campaign, then measure their results to see which one is more effective in generating leads and sales. With split testing, you can consistently improve your ads and gradually make more from your marketing budget. This kind of testing can be used to find effective images, check ad copy for efficacy, and even see what color schemes your audience responds best to.

Use Micro-Influencers to Reach Your Audience

In addition to running ads and creating your own content, you should find social media influencers within your niche and get them to promote your products to their audiences. If your company made fishing lures, for example, you might consider finding people who make fishing instructional videos and getting them to tell their audiences about your lures. With this kind of influencer marketing, you can tap into other people’s audiences to promote your business.

When used properly, social media can produce enormous returns for your business. Finding and effectively targeting your ideal customers on social media is a major key to success in modern business. Use these tips to start and refine your social media strategy, and you’ll soon get the hang of running successful online marketing campaigns.

Author Bio:

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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