How to Narrow the Focus of Your Advertising Efforts

[This article was written by Meghan Belnap.]

If there is one truth in marketing a business, it is that advertising is an art form. It involves skills like having a good handle on how to present a company’s brand and how to write effective ad copy to reach an audience. Unfortunately, it is easy for companies to spread themselves way too thin when executing a multi-layered advertising campaign. Often money is wasted on advertising approaches that would serve a company’s bottom line better to develop a more narrowly focused advertising strategy for getting better results. The following are a few ideas that can help make this goal attainable.

Doing Market Research on Your Audience

Most markets are composed of a melting pot of diverse people. These diversities cover anything from how much people in a given area earn to what their political views happen to be. It is important to acquire demographic studies and to speak with people in a market to figure out what kind of audience a marketing team can identify as best meeting the company’s advertising needs. Isolating the right audience can be a highly profitable endeavor, and not figuring out who the right audience is can lead to hefty advertising expenses with little to show for all the effort and money expended. So, developing an effective way to research and dissect a market to identify the right audience to target is critical to improving a company’s advertising success.

Try Audience Targeted Advertisements

When it comes to focusing advertising efforts, it is critical to work from the market research which has been performed on the consumers residing where a company is interested in pushing their brand. The type of ad copy that will work for one demographic of a given market may not appeal to another demographic in that same market. This is especially the case when using Audience Targeted TV Advertising Services to reach a broader segment of a local market. So, it helps to have a good idea who the ideal consumer is in a given market that a company is attempting to appeal to and focus the ad copy on consumers who turn out to be the best fit with a companies products, a company’s mission and are most likely to be a long term, repeat customer. Remember, loyal, repeat customers are the most profitable customers to entice to jump on board with a company’s brand.

Enhance Your SEO for Desired Keywords

Sometimes reaching the right target audience involves carefully tweaking SEO in online marketing applications. This is especially true in areas of attracting targeted traffic to a landing page or main website where keywords are a critical part of making the connection with online traffic. Before getting started, it is always a good idea to find out what the latest SEO and keyword use standards are for major search engines like Google to make certain the approach being used is correct.

Sending Email Newsletters to Existing Customers

A lot of companies apply far too little focus to their already existing customers. As a result, they miss out on benefiting from increased sales volume. Fortunately, this problem can be easily remedied by creating an online mailing list and regularly emailing existing customers with offers and updates about company products and services. This way, existing customers have an avenue of communication with a company that will draw them back to purchase things from the company website again and again. The real trick here is in learning how to communicate with existing customers so they perceive the engagement benefits them in a meaningful way.

There is no feeling quite like knowing an advertising strategy truly works. It is the sight of new customers wanting to invest in a company’s products and services that makes a difference in a company’s ability to expand its brand awareness. However, it is always critical for a marketing team to keep on top of any changes that may negatively impact a current marketing strategy and adjust their approach accordingly.

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