How to Make Your Workplace More Feng Shui-Friendly

[This article was written by Rachelle Wilber]

Feng shui is a way of harmonizing people with their surrounding environment. A Feng shui-Friendly workplace enhances productivity, creates positive energy, and improves the working experience. Below are tips to make your workplace more Feng shui-Friendly.

Use Proper Lighting

Proper lighting refers to lighting without shadows or glares. It ensures easy and quick handling of tasks since workers can work comfortably with reduced headaches and eye fatigue. Using full-spectrum lighting rather than fluorescent lights is healthier as workers won’t stress out or struggle to see. This reduces workplace accidents since employees can see safety hazards and machinery due to increased visibility.

Position Your Desk to Face the Entrance of Your Office

Positioning your desk to face the entrance allows you to see and welcome visitors to your premises. When you back face, people feel unwelcome. Your mindset is ready to attend to anything coming your way from the entrance. In case it’s impossible to move your desk, get a mirror to help you see what’s going on at the entrance.

Balance the Color and the Texture of the Rooms

Too much of something creates a distracting environment. For a peaceful and welcoming workspace, make sure your room’s colors, texture, and shape are balanced. Incorporate cooler tone colors to keep your workers composed. These colors create a relaxing mood. Balancing these colors with brighter colors such as red enhances the team’s energy.

Improve the Office Air Quality

Poor air quality affects your employees’ health and productivity as it causes fatigue, headache, and allergic reactions. Add air-purifying plants to the environment or quality air purifiers. Some of the plants include fortune plants, snake plants, and weeping fig.

Clutter Elimination

A cluttered environment can add stress and mental overload on people. It can cause accidents and spills when everything is unorganized. Putting things where they’re supposed to be increases the effectiveness and saves time. A clean environment is welcoming and makes people work as expected. Incorporate sizable dumpster rental to dispose of waste materials in the office. Hiring cleaning services is essential since it allows your employees to focus on the set goals and objectives.

Creating a friendly work environment is cost-effective for a company as it reduces negative consequences. Proper working condition improves the wellbeing, morale, and productivity of employees. Inspect your work environment today and see what to do to create a Feng Shui-Friendly environment.

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