How to Make Your Business Presentation Stand Out

[This article was written by Samantha Higgins.]

The following five suggestions are without a doubt worthy of your consideration. No matter the type of audience you will have, these tips can help you. Check out these five ways to make your business presentation stand out.

1. Practice as Much as Possible

With your colleagues at work, you should be sure to get in plenty of practice presentations. Have them throw you obstacles that you could encounter with your crowd. Make sure you have the content in your slides that is needed. But also be certain you have all of the needed technologies for the day of your event.

You might even want to record yourself a few times and watch those videos prior to the day you give your presentation. Whichever rehearsal route(s) you choose, you should not ever undervalue how important it is for you to practice. This can make or break your presentation, and you must take this seriously.

2. Make Sure Your Presentation Pops

It’s very important that you have engaging content, of course, when you are speaking. But you also need to be certain you have the right layout and look to all of your slides being used. Even if you are skilled in design and layout or have someone at your job who is, you could benefit from enlisting the services of some outside experts.

Consider today how consultants could help you with your efforts to have a killer presentation. If you decide to utilize business presentation design services, you must be sure to only work with reputable experts. Look into this more today. It could greatly pay off for you.

3. Bring Along Printouts

Printouts will help you drive home your talking points. They are great takeaways for those in your audience, too. If you run into any technical glitches, these printouts are even more important. Those in attendance will still be able to follow along with the remarks you are giving.

As with your presentation slides, you want to be certain you do not have any spelling or grammar mistakes. The order and layout of your printouts are very important, too. When able, you should present print outs in a folder bearing your logo. This helps your audience keep track of their collateral materials after your presentation is completed. You also will further build your brand.

4. Present Yourself in a Professional Manner

Do not forget that how you look plays a big role in how successful your presentation will be. There are certain guidelines men and women must be sure to follow. Be certain not to dress above or below the professional level you are engaging in. For example, if you are speaking to farmers, you do not want to wear a suit. Let’s say you, though, are presenting to lawyers. In that setting, a suit would be appropriate for your event

As a general rule of thumb, you ladies presenting should avoid too much makeup and any clothing that is very revealing. Be certain to not wear heavy or accessive amounts of jewelry, either. For you men reading this, it’s important that any facial hair is neatly trimmed. Also, you must be sure that all of your clothing is clean and pressed.

5. Be Certain to Engage Your Audience

There are all kinds of great ways to be certain you engage with your audience. All the steps above will help you with this. But there are other ideas you should consider, too. Be sure to provide each audience member with some kind of swag from your organization. Writing pens, stress balls, and t-shirts are some of your more popular options to consider.

Do not just give your remarks and show off good slides. Determine ways now to really engage your audience. Your presentation needs to stand out, and it also needs to be memorable. Be sure to leave a business card with each person in attendance, too. You can provide this with your printed out materials.

Make Sure Your Presentation Stand Out

Through your use of the aforementioned tips, you can be sure your presentation will stand out. Make time now to be certain you follow-through on these tips. Keep these suggestions nearby and be sure to rule out any problems you could encounter.


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