How To Keep Your Office Workers Happy

[This article was written by Dawn Castell.]

Managers can find it difficult to keep people in their office happy and focused. Employees may become bored or restless when their work conditions are monotonous and dim. Keeping everyone happy will not only promote self-esteem, but it will also boost the morale of your company as a whole. Your workers will produce better results, and your business will grow from it. Here are nine tips for keeping life within your office.

Offer Benefits

Offering your workers extra benefits can boost morale. For employees with young children, having a company daycare system can be a major help. Good medical advantages are something everyone can appreciate and get something from. Designating an above-average amount of vacation days can help your personnel’s attitude as they know they will be able to take a break away from work.

Show Appreciation

Don’t be afraid to say, “thank you.” No matter what position your employee holds, applaud his or her good work. Letting them know you are thankful for what they are doing can help build respect and create a healthy appreciation for the workplace. Taking the time to personally show your gratitude will go a long way with each worker.

Stay Alert

It is a wise idea to pay attention to what is going on in the workplace. If your offices are degrading and showing extreme wear and tear, take the time to spruce things up and replace what is necessary. For those struggling to keep their place warm, a propane heater might be the best solution without having to replace the whole heating system. Find unique ways to fix what needs to be done without having to go over budget.

Encourage Ingenuity

Publicly telling your employees to share their creativity on how to do things will give them a sense of confidence. Be open to everyone’s ideas and be careful not to shut out those who may not have the best ones. Incorporate whatever proposals you can, promoting the worker who thought of it.

Set the Example

If you expect a hundred percent from your office, you should be giving a hundred percent as well. Your employees will look to you for instruction, but they will also watch your efforts to see how you perform. Remember that you are the boss and they will follow how you lead. When you are not afraid to work and do the little things, your workers will be more willing to do whatever they need to.

Develop Relationships

While there is an important balance between being your workers’ boss and being their friend, take an honest interest in your employees. Do your best to get to know them and see their personalities; try to remember each person’s name. It’s easy to stay in your office and proclaim that you’re the boss, but your office’s environment will thrive when each employee there knows that you care.

Ensure Success

Understanding that your employees may not stay with your company forever can be hard to grasp. However, it is important to understand that they may need to move on to bigger and better things. Support their decision and do all that you can to help them learn more. Encourage them to become the best that they can and let them know how proud they have made you.

Promote Communication

If things are going wrong or something needs to be changed, let your workers know. Hiding information from your employees will only cause them to question and wonder what is going on. Establish a sense of security and honesty that lets individuals know they can talk to you when things are happening.  If problems are occurring within the workplace, employees should know they can come to you for help.

Have Fun

It can often ease tension and make the work environment an exciting place when you do fun things throughout the weeks, months, and years. Having a party each month to celebrate the birthdays that occur is something everyone can look forward to. Scheduling an annual picnic or making Fridays casual dress days can also produce a more energetic environment.

As an office manager, you may face a continual fear of wondering what your workers are thinking. Instead of worrying, take the time to apply some of these ideas to help promote a happy workplace.

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