How to Keep Your Office Building a Comfortable Environment for Your Employees

[This article was written by Emma Sturgis.]

The most important asset of any organization is the employees. They are the ones that speak to a client on behalf of the business. They perform a market analysis to find out what works for the company and what doesn’t. They prepare books of accounts. The list goes on and on.

It is vital that you keep your employees happy and comfortable if you want them to perform at their best. Here are some ways to make your office a good environment for your employees.

Recreational Space

If you look at some of the top tech companies in the world, they prioritize employee recreation because they understand its importance. Work can feel overwhelming for employees, especially during peak seasons when demand is high.

An employee needs a recreation space to relax and get rid of all the anxiety. In the recreation space, add a few popular games to keep the workers entertained.


Your employees spend a lot of time on their desks or workstations. Encourage them to personalize their work areas so that they can be more productive. If they want a standing desk, give it to them. Provide them with tools that will motivate them to work harder.


The office should be free from clutter. If you have a large number of client files, put them in a separate storage room. A crowded place feels suffocating and unbearable.

The same can be said about hygiene. Make sure that your cleaners do their jobs well. Every inch of the office should be free from dust and debris.

If your office covers multiple floors, you can outsource the job to commercial cleaning companies. They are cheaper than hired staff cleaners and more likely to deliver because that’s their area of specialization.


The office should be well lit if you want workers to perform their duties accordingly. The best light for office employees is sunlight. Make sure your office receives as much natural light as possible. Be ready to invest in modifying the building by installing large windows. Natural light can improve their moods.


Your office should have a working thermostat to regulate office temperatures. Extremely high and low temperatures are not conducive for work.

Wall Color and Plants

The first thing that workers see when they step into the office is the walls. Give it a fresh coat of paint to boost employee morale. Since people are different, it’s best you ask employees which colors they’d like.

Your employees spend a large chunk of their day in the office. Use some of the above tips to make it a welcoming place for them.

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