How to Improve Customer Service for Better Reviews

[This article was written by Meghan Belnap.]

The modern consumer has become more and more discerning as more avenues are made for them to voice their thoughts. A few reviews one way or another can make a big difference in sales. The future of your business depends on reaching the right audience and working hard to provide something the competition does not. Here are four ways that new and existing brands can get top reviews and retain clients.

Customer surveys provide a wealth of information

Whether your brand is about to emerge on the market, or you have a long-standing business, surveys are a valuable resource. You can use them in-house, set them up on your website, or send them via email. Doing this gives your company important feedback that will help you discern what you’re doing right and what needs to be fixed. Running market research to keep track of consumer trends within your target demographic is an important business practice, and speaking directly to your consumer base can be one of the most accurate methods of gathering that necessary data.

Discounts for new customers

A great way to start new customers on the right foot is with starting discounts or promotional offers. Consider offering coupons or price reductions for first-time buyers. A deal is always a great way to show your confidence in your product while encouraging wary customers to take a chance on your products and services. Of course, it’s essential that your product or service meets the expectations that you set in your advertising for this method to truly be profitable. Inc. says nine out of ten customers will leave when having a bad experience, while over 40 percent with a satisfactory experience will return. If you want your customers to be repeat buyers, then meeting or even exceeding their expectations during that trial period is key.

Loyalty rewards for returning clients

Keeping the client happy is not as easy as getting them in the door. The customer already knows your brand and what you stand for when they return. How do you keep these people happy and coming back a third and fourth time? Customer loyalty program companies help you market on social media and identify ways to keep the valuable base you create. A major part of this includes staying relevant in the customer’s lifestyle. Promotional incentives such as earning points to get rewards over time, repeat customer deals, and special offers can show your veteran buyers that you appreciate their continued patronage and want to reward them just as much as you do the newcomers.

Customer service help

Building customer satisfaction and loyalty also requires the accumulation of trust. An important way of doing this is to answer every question you get from customers. The negative reviews can improve when you openly address concerns rather than paying off customers to take their reviews down or acting like they aren’t there. This is especially important when the negative reviews are saying similar things about your product or service. Optimize your web content with spaces for reviews and thank your customers for their honest feedback. When you listen to and address customer concerns about what you’re selling, many customers will stick around knowing that your product is only going to get better with time.

Good reviews are an essential part of modern sales practices. If you want to earn those good reviews, however, it will take more than just a great sales pitch. Quality products and services, engaging customer service, and truly listening to customer concerns will make your company stand out from the competition. Show your customers that you care with incentives and rewards, and they’ll be more likely to remain loyal to your brand.

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