How to Identify Qualified Buyer and Influencer Personas for Marketing

[This article was written by Brooke Chaplan.]

Creating detailed and accurate buyer and influencer personas improves a brand’s chances of generating and converting leads. With the right buyer and influencer personas for their brand, businesses will enjoy more effective marketing campaigns. Read on for four key tips to point you dto how to identify and create the ideal buyer and influencer personas for marketing.

Determine the Why Behind Your Brand

Creating the ideal buyer and influencer personas for your brand must start with conducting research. Identifying your niche audience will help you figure out the personas of the buyer you hope to purchase your products and the type of person that has the most power to influence this buying decision for your audience. This research will show you exactly what it is that drives influencers and customers that are interested in your brand.

Focus on Your Niche Audience

The next step in pinpointing your buyer and influencer personas is to research your niche audience. Do this by focusing on who you’re marketing to, analyzing the people that already buy from you, and researching the audience of your competitors. By refining this research with reviews, interviews, and surveys of your customers and potential buyers, you’ll have enough information to start crafting influencer and buyer personas.

Research Hashtags and Keywords

When creating influencer and buyer personas for your business, don’t forget to use metrics from social media in your research. Analyze your current campaigns’ metrics to determine what hashtags and keywords are generating the most traffic on social media. As you continue your research with these niche keywords and hashtags, you’ll have a better idea of the type of persona to craft for both your ideal influencers and buyers.

Monitor Performance Analysis

Buyer and influencer personas shouldn’t be static. To continue to be relevant to your audience, you must understand their tastes and monitor how they change. Brands that are able to develop long-term relationships with their clients consistently check in with them by using services like Zoho marketing automation to send surveys, ask for feedback, and engage with them. This way, businesses can continue to refine their niche audience as they see fit.

Similarly, it’s important to review influencers’ performances as well. Prior to establishing a relationship with an influencer, be sure to review their social performance from past campaigns. Too often, influencers are disingenuous about their following, their engagement, and the effectiveness of their promotions. Avoid this by analyzing their growth, rate of engagement, and overall performance.

Buyer and influencer personas help brands develop a better understanding of their audience and how to reach them. Keep these four tips in mind as you work to better connect with your audience and establish a more beneficial relationships with influencers as well.

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