How to Create a More Hygienic Office Workplace with Subtle Renovations

[This article was written by Meghan Belnap.]

Clean office spaces make for a healthier and more productive workplace overall. With 4.2 million workers reportedly taking illness-related absences from their jobs, it’s more important than ever for companies to focus their efforts on keeping their office spaces as cleanly as possible. HR specialists for forward-thinking companies should keep the following four tips in mind when working to keep the office as hygienic as possible.

Deep Clean or Replace Carpets

Most office spaces invest in carpets as a way to keep rooms warm and clean. However, carpets in high traffic area like offices can easily become excessively dirty. With all the dirt, dust, and bacteria embedded in these carpets, it’s absolutely essential that offices deep clean these carpets every few months. In addition to deep cleaning carpets, there comes a time when carpets simply need to be replaced. Replacing dustier carpeting (like plush carpet) with more hygienic options will help keep employees healthier and eliminate excess dirt from the area.

Install Anti-Bacterial Waterproof Ceiling Tiles

While ceiling tiles may rarely get a second thought in most office spaces, the choice of ceiling tiles can make a world of difference when it comes to improving the health of employees. By installing anti-bacterial waterproof Ceiling Tile, employers will be able to prevent the growth of mildew and mold in the ceiling. As the tiles effectively protect against the threat of bio-contamination, these ceiling tiles will improve the air and overall environment in any office space.

Keep Areas Well-Ventilated

Indoor air quality is another important consideration employers should take note of. As office buildings have limited access to outside air, it’s easy for the quality of the air in an office building to become contaminated. To ensure better air quality, employers must do all they can to keep the air fresh inside the office space by promoting proper ventilation. To improve air circulation and air quality, office managers should work to ensure the grilles and air vents aren’t blocked and that any air quality problems or contamination are handled immediately.

Add Air Purifiers

No effort to make an office space hygienic would be complete without the addition of air purifiers. Air purifiers help to remove any contaminants from the office air while simultaneously improving indoor air quality. Whether employees have their own personal air purifiers or there are a few industrial-grade purifiers installed around the office, these filters will help make it easier to breathe.

The more hygienic a workspace is, the healthier and more productive workers will be. All employers should keep these four strategies in mind to make sure their workplace is as clean as can be.

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