How to Craft Individual Marketing Campaigns for Myriad Clients

[This article was written by Rachelle Wilber.]

Marketing can be a tricky business because you want to be able to create new content quickly and efficiently. This can leave you feeling stretched a little thin when it comes to developing new ideas for each client. Here are some techniques that you can use to create more individualized marketing campaigns.

Understand Their Needs

Build up the relationship that you have with your client. You really want to understand the needs of their business and their goals for the future. This will point you in the right direction when it comes to devising how to go about your marketing strategy. Another thing to consider is their client base. You may want to do some research to see how their competitors are going about their marketing campaigns.

Devise a Strategy

There may be times in which the strategy is similar for each type of client. For example, marketing law firm services would need to involve using legal jargon that would entice the audience. This could be in the form of an appeal to anyone that needs this type of legal help. Strategy is how you’re going to get someone interested in the business of your client. Determine the best way to reach your audience. This could be through print, radio, or even TV campaigns.

Expand Your Horizons

Online advertising is becoming one of the easiest ways to reach a wider audience for your client. Many companies are using social media in order to expand on their marketing base. Start with their current customers and work your way from that point. This could be that you use newsflashes about your client or encourage people to follow them on their favorite form of social media. You have to craft a campaign that will draw attention and pull potential customers into what you’re selling.

Create Cross Traffic

Use a variety of sources that will link back into other sources. For example, you may use a Twitter feed to generate interest in people visiting a website. Your marketing campaign could be that you manage this feed on a daily basis so that you’re constantly staying current. Devise slogans or some other catchy phrase for each of your different clients. Use the internet as a resource so that you can stay on top when it comes to search engines.

Be unique when it comes to your campaign, but use some of the same methods for reaching your audience. Change it up in order to maintain the interest of your clients’ customer bases.

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