How Employers Can Increase Productivity in the Workplace

[This article was written by Walter Bodell.]

When it comes to workplace productivity, it can seem like the fault lies on the employees. However, employees tend to put out what they take in, so when a boss is not particularly approachable or considerate of their needs, that tends to be when their productivity drops. Here’s what a boss can do to work at increasing productivity in their workplace.

Be Approachable

If employees feel that their boss is not a friendly face in the office, then it impacts them negatively. You don’t have to always keep your door open or go out of your way to engage your employees, but find ways to work with them.

If they have questions about the projects they’re working on, or want to try doing things differently, then it’s your responsibility to be there and help them work through it. That will even make it easier for you in the future as far as delegating tasks or making changes within the office.

However, there is a fine line to walk with this step. You’re still the boss, so you have to hold employees accountable for their mistakes and keep them always moving forward. By learning to do this in a respectful and considerate way, it teaches your employees to work harder in order to meet your needs instead of only doing it halfway. That’s the kind of approachable you have to be as a boss, regardless of what kind of business you’re running.

Increase Collaboration

One of the best ways to increase productivity is by introducing more collaboration in your office. When your employees work together, they can hold each other accountable and work together as a team to meet goals. This makes it easier for them as they’ll usually split the work equally to make it easier on themselves and complete their work faster as a result.

One of the most recommended ways to introduce that level of collaborative work is through visual collaboration programs. These allow employees to see work that needs to be completed and work on it together. And they can work on it from anywhere, so they’re free to move away from their desks and exercise their freedom.

You could also integrate a physical workplace in your office if you want. Those are popular for the same reasons, and your employees can simply work on projects during their time at the office. Having a physical space encourages employees to move around and interact with each other more than a digital one, but either one can work well for improving productivity overall.

Be Flexible

Another way to increase productivity within your office is to be flexible. Similar to being approachable, it requires you to make some allowances around the workplace if you think they’re necessary. Setting strict rules in the workplace means that employees can get stressed easily and show terrible work as a result.

By allowing them the opportunity to take breaks from their workload, or take a lap around the building or something similar, they can stay refreshed. Taking breaks every now and then is proven to help the workload as opposed to just doggedly pushing ahead, especially since the majority of jobs today involve sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time.

Being flexible can also translate to allowing people to use their desks and work areas more freely. In other words, allowing them to personalize their own desks could make it easier for them to get work done. Or, if they prefer to work in a different part of the office but they’re still getting work done, maybe it’s worth it to let them stay over there instead of insisting they work at their desk all the time.

There are a lot of ways you can increase productivity in the workplace, and they’re all options worth trying. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg, so see what else works for you and your workplace.

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