How can you prepare for the different types of pre-employment tests?

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Job hunting is a very tedious process in itself. During this long process, you are bound to come across a few pre-employment tests conducted by various companies to test the candidates thoroughly. According to the statistics, approximately 53% of people lie on their resume. Organizing certain pre-employment evaluations gives the company a chance to find out if the prospective employee actually possesses the skills mentioned in their resume. These tests may appear to be frightening but worry not, the following tips, tricks and methods will help you prepare for these exams.

Know about the most popular pre-employment tests

There are several different kinds of pre-employment tests that examine different traits and qualities like personality, aptitude and skills. You should find out if the firm that you apply at conducts some well-known behavior assessment tests like Caliper or Predictive index or has their own unique format of testing. This will help you to get familiarised with the test pattern and aid in getting ready for them. Certain tests focus on strengths, motivation and potential to succeed whereas others focus on the specific skill sets required for the profile, analytical reasoning and situational judgment. The results of these tests provide a quantifiable scientific insight into the applicants which is why these tests continue to be widely prevalent amongst the corporates.

Always have a positive outlook and relax

While preparing for any kind of test and especially a pre-employment test it is important to be relaxed and do away with any anxiety and nervousness as they will only result in a foggy mind and average outcomes. Having a clear headspace helps you reach your maximum potential during the test and lets the employer know about your capabilities. Believe in yourself and build some self-confidence such that you do not make mistakes in the test on account of nervousness and panic. These pre-employment tests are just a small part of the whole interview process and their decisions are based on several other factors like your CV, communication skills and the overall vibe.

Practice until perfect

You should be able to offer all the skills, qualities and qualifications that you mention in your resume. It is utterly unprofessional to lie on your CV and you won’t be able to get away with it. So make sure that you are learned in all realms that you speak of while describing yourself. If the job profile demands a certain trait that you do not possess but it seems acquirable, mention that you are willing to expand your horizons and learn all about it. Brush up on your existing knowledge and make sure you do not repeat any errors that may have occurred in the past. Actively work to keep yourself in check and be aware of the current affairs and world news.

Do a background study about the firm

Put some extra effort into studying the company by going through their websites, blogs and other such social platforms. This will give you a peek into the firm’s beliefs and work ethics. You can look into the director’s address on the website and have a look at the manager’s profiles so as to know their style of communication. The company is more likely to hire someone who shares their beliefs and is acquainted with their style of working. This gives you an edge over the other candidates as you will be aware of the leading questions the hiring manager can shoot at you and come prepared with some outlines and pointers to answer them.

Finally, maintain honesty and be true to yourself

As mentioned above, lying or cheating through these pre-employment tests will not get you very far as they are designed to verify and check your true skills and qualities. Even if you somehow manage to get through them by stating untrue answers on the test, remember you have to come in and work with them every day and maintaining a facade will not be possible for a long time as it takes a lot of hassle and effort. So do yourself a favor and give these tests in an honest fashion and even if you do not clear them, learn how you can improve your shortcomings and try again with a fresh mindset.

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