How An Address Validators Can Help Your Business

[This article was written by Maria Victoria MacAraig.]

How important is a client’s address to your company? How can a wrong address affect your business?

A local bakery owner may never think about the importance of an address. Meanwhile, an e-store can’t survive without a clean address list.

Sending mail to wrong addresses is not just expensive. It hinders your marketing efforts, ruins your reputation, and makes it tough to achieve client conversions.

How can you avoid wrong addresses? By using an address validator. Any company that has more than 10 existing and potential clients requires an address validator.

In this short article, we’ll let you know how a simple program can help your company tremendously without requiring formidable expenses.

 1. Establishing Better Relationships with Clients

Did you know that 65% of the company’s business comes from existing clients? That’s why maintaining top-notch relationships with them is highly important. One of the ways to keep a good relationship alive is to send useful promotional information by mail or offer freebies in exchange for clients’ loyalty.

Now imagine sending all of the above to the wrong address. You don’t just lose your existing clients because you fail to communicate with them. You lose money on sending important information to nowhere.

 2. Cutting Costs

The money you waste on working with wrong addresses is considerable regardless of your customer database size. Below are only a few ways how you can lose money:

  •         Shipping expenses for sending mail to wrong addresses.
  •         Money paid to employees, who have to find out why the address is wrong, create a new letter/parcel and send it.
  •         If you send the product to the wrong address and it never comes back, you have to pay for a new one out of your own pocket.
  •         Money you spend on marketing efforts that may have to be corrected due to improper data input (we’ll talk about this in detail later in the article).

An address validator can help you avoid all of the above problems by simply cleaning your list and ensuring all the addresses on it are valid. According to experts at Byteplant, an address validator can check each address at a fraction of a second.

3. Saving Time

Having a clean address list to work with saves your team a formidable amount of time. They don’t have to check each address separately to make sure it’s valid. Meanwhile, your employees don’t have to deal with returned mail.

Sending new letters and parcels usually means going to the post office, which is rather time-consuming. Meanwhile, opting for a courier may be too costly.

An address validator can save you the time spent on correcting problems with sending mail to the wrong address. It can also help your employees focus on important tasks.

4. Improving Reputation

If you decide to check your address list manually, it would involve contacting clients and making sure the address is valid. This may make many of them frustrated and unhappy with being bothered.

Meanwhile, sending products your clients have paid for to the wrong address could spell disaster. You don’t just waste money on shipping but also delay the delivery to the right address.

Imagine promising a quick delivery to a client and failing to do it due to a simple typo or a formatting address error. Such cases could ruin your company’s reputation quickly.

5. Getting Clear Information

Wrong mailing addresses could affect the course of your marketing strategy. How does it happen? Imagine sending 100 promotional letters to potential clients. Ten of them call you back to order services. You have a 10% conversion rate.

But what if 20 addresses on the list were wrong, and the clients never got the mail? It means you only sent out 80 letters. So if ten clients called back, you have almost a 13% conversion rate. Do you see the difference?

Getting improper information about the results of your marketing campaign could lead to unnecessary changes. These changes could affect your profits in a negative manner while wasting the time of your marketing specialists.

 How Does an Address Validator Work?

An address validator is a program that splits each given address into components, checks each one for spelling errors and typos, corrects formatting, and compares it to the mailing address databases.

Even though the validator can’t correct all of the addresses on your list, it deals with the majority of them while pointing your attention to the rest.

An address validator can check addresses in real-time. For example, it could catch mistakes while the client is filling out a contact form on the website.

The software can work with separate addresses or check them in bulk. Many such programs come with free trials.

Manual address checking may take hours. An address validator does the job in mere seconds.

 Final Thoughts

An address validator is an important tool, which can increase your profits by improving your marketing efforts and eliminate time and money waste.

A company that takes a careful approach to the contact details of its potential and existing clients can capitalize on the information tremendously.

While it’s possible to make profits without opting for an address validator, the program can make the effort much easier.

Numerous businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of address validators. Is there a reason you still aren’t?  

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