How a Start-Up Can Capitalize on Promotions to Create Buzz

Buzz is an important part of any company’s success. With the advertising market saturated, buzz is becoming an increasingly reliable way to gain popularity and grow a business. Start-up companies can benefit greatly from buzz because they are new to the market. Here we will explore what buzz is, why companies should use promotional products in order to create buzz, and a few ways start-up companies can capitalize on that buzz.


Need to generate some buzz?
Need to generate some buzz?

One of the most important side effects of promotional products is the buzz it creates. Everyone loves free items, whether it is pens, bags, or even clothing. Everyone also loves to boast about the free items they receive. This is buzz – word-of-mouth marketing that increases awareness about a product or business. Buzz is crucial to businesses because it increases its popularity among consumers. For start-up companies, buzz is extremely important because the popularity generated by buzz facilitates growth.

Introduce the Brand

Start-up companies have the challenge of being unknown in a market full of corporations, conglomerates, and chains. While these businesses are well known by consumers, start-up companies are not. Therefore, it is important for start-up companies to introduce themselves to consumers so they know it exists. An effective way to do this is through promotional items. Promotional items are a great way to grab people’s attention because people are drawn to free products. Once a person has a product from a start-up company, they are introduced to the brand.

Brand Identity/Awareness

It is important for a startup to establish an identity as quickly as possible. One way to do this is through promotional products. By putting the name or logo on the product, consumers will become familiar with the company. Once people become accustomed to the company, the buzz will generate itself. After all, there cannot be buzz about a company if no one is familiar with it. Therefore, using promotional products will create brand awareness, which is essential to creating buzz.

Create a lasting impression.
Create a lasting impression.

Lasting Impression

Promotional products differ from traditional advertisements because they last longer. While traditional advertisements such as billboards or paper advertisements expire, promotional products last as long as the consumer wants it to. Therefore, the consumer is constantly exposed to the product. This exposure creates a lasting impression with the consumer because of the longevity of the unconventional advertisement.  In turn, the longevity also creates buzz for the start-up company because of its longer exposure to the consumer. Overall, promotional items are a great way to generate buzz by creating brand identity and longevity. This buzz is critical to start-ups because it will aid in the company’s growth.


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