Guide to Begin Selling Your First Product Online

[This article was written by Walter Bodell.]

Selling a product online is a way to enjoy financial freedom and flexibility while representing your own eCommerce store. With the rise in eCommerce stores and competition in most markets, knowing how to sell your product while maximizing the exposure you receive is essential to remain afloat as you continue to build and expand your brand. Even if you are getting started with selling products online for the first time, there are a few ways to ensure you are on the right track without missing an opportunity to captivate your audience while generating sales.

Consider Your Product’s Value

Establishing your product’s value is the first step to building a successful eCommerce store while incentivizing shoppers to make a purchase. Research the audience and demographics you want to reach as well as the need for the product in your market and industry. Learn more about top trending keywords and phrases searched for by your target audience to craft your website and future marketing campaigns around relevant message copy. Understanding the demand and value of your product is essential before setting a price for your main product, especially if you are interested in becoming viewed as a leader in your industry.

Creative Branding

Get creative with the branding you use to represent your product and business. Spend time crafting a logo and choosing brand colors that resonate best with your prospective shoppers. Invest in a professional designer or illustrator to help bring your logo ideas to fruition on your website and with all of the product packaging you have invested in. You only have one opportunity to make a lasting and positive first impression when selling products online.

Launch a Mobile-Friendly ECommerce Site

Mobile-friendly eCommerce stores are essential to avoid missing out on generating sales and excluding potential shoppers from gaining access to your products and services. Launch a mobile-friendly eCommerce web layout to retain shoppers who are genuinely interested in the product you have to offer but are browsing using their mobile phones. Most online shopping is now done with the use of a smartphone, which is why it is imperative to test your mobile-friendly eCommerce shop using multiple browsers and device types before going live.

Get Personal With Your Marketing Campaigns

Grabbing the attention of your target audience is essential to increase your ROI for each individual marketing campaign you launch. Personalized marketing campaigns provide you with the ability to appeal to specific sectors of your target audience without missing an opportunity to generate interest and sales. Use personalized email campaigns to connect with your loyal customers or to appeal to new members of your eCommerce site using different messaging techniques. Hone in on your audience with personalized emails and with specific promotions available once users have logged into your eCommerce store.

Create Upsell Pages

Generate upsell pages to motivate online shoppers to move forward with their purchase and to complete the checkout process. Upsell pages can include additional offers, discount codes, or even relevant information regarding the main product you are promoting. Use clickfunnels upsell solution to create upsell pages without the hassle and while saving time. Generating upsell pages increases your chances of making a sale while also providing valuable insight into how your users prefer browsing your website and shopping for their favorite items.

Track and Monitor Your Store’s Analytics

Track and monitor your store’s analytics to learn which methods of marketing and messaging resonate most with your intended consumers. Review analytics to learn more about where users discover your website and the most viewed pages or products you promote. Keep an eye on your eCommerce store analytics to ensure there are no broken links or pages that require updates, especially during a promotion or new marketing campaign.

Becoming a successful online retailer is not an easy feat that is often accomplished overnight. With consistency and a thorough understanding of your target audience, expand your brand’s online presence and reputation for continued growth and success.

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