Gaining Your Customer’s Loyalty

[This article was written by Dawn Castell.]

The truth of the matter is that most clients prefer doing business with people they like, trust, and know. Without customers, there is no business. Acknowledging the fact that a client is the most important entity in a business is a significant step toward thriving. The question is how a brand can build up confidence with its clients? Here is how.

1. Mean What you Say

If you want your clients to come back for more or refer your business to their friends and family, you have to keep your promises and always be there for them. Never ask a client to do something you could not do. Do not make people spend their money on something you could not invest in yourself. Therefore, you and your employees should assist your customers when you can to build trust. By doing that, you lead by example, and as a result, people cannot hesitate to follow you.

2. Let Customers know that you Exist

Local newspapers often educate people the local issues. Get an edge over your competitors by coming up with press releases that provide useful information about your products and services to your clients. In this century, people love doing business with brands that bring value to the relationship. Do not let your press releases to be about the products you sell; they can be about something that adds some values to the lives of your current and prospective clients.

3. Become Relevant

Whether you are running a small or big business, if you want your clients to build trust in your brand, they need to see your name consistently. Once you decide to advertise your business on social media, do not do it once then disappear. Ensure that you put up at least one post per day in all your social media accounts so that people do not forget about you. Additionally, you can also write articles, appear on TV interviews, and create events so that you put your brand in the public eye. When it comes to building trust in business, the more your clients see you, the more they trust you.

4. Respond to your Clients

As mentioned earlier, people buy products from companies they trust. Therefore, if you create social media pages for your business, ensure that you are in a position to interact with your clients. You cannot build trust if you respond to clients 24 hours later. Also, avoid using automatic messages since they are not people and may lead to distrust from clients. Additionally, if you have an office line, make sure that you get someone to respond to calls from clients. In case any call is missed, it is your responsibility to call back.

5. Transparency is Vital

If you want your brand to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, build trust. Ensure that you communicate transparently with your clients; even if it is about admitting a mistake. Do not make promises that you know you can’t deliver. Call your clients and inform them the reason behind your failure to deliver. Offer them an alternative service to redeem yourself.

6. Create a Safe Environment for your Clients

If you have a store, people need to feel safe when they are in it. Ensure that you have security cameras installed and security guards. A store that lacks any security features makes clients feel paranoid. As a result, they may end up losing trust in your brand. Therefore, have security measures in place to make all clients feel safe as they shop.

7. Be Consistent with your Improvement

When potential clients are looking for a specific product or service, they ask for the best in the industry. Therefore, ensure that you stand out by offering the best products and services and the clients will come back. Keeping in constant touch with your clients builds loyalty. If you provide a client with a good service the first time, ensure that the trend continues in future meetings.

8. Active Listening

The problem with most sales people is that they are too quick to respond to a client’s questions. Sometimes, the prospective client doesn’t even finish talking because the salesperson is eager to sell their pitch. They want to tell the customer what they offer and be done with it. If you are guilty of such behavior, stop it because the customer may hate you for it. To build trust, you have to pay attention to what the client is saying.

If you are a business owner, follow the tips in this article if you want clients to trust your brand. Once you win the trust and confidence of your clients, they are more likely to come back and refer more people to you.


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