Business Book Giveaway—Front Runners: Lap Your Competition With 10 Game-changing Strategies for Total Business Transformation by Mahesh Rao

Mahesh Rao is an entrepreneur with a gift: he has the ability to look logically and systematically at a business process or procedure, identify the weak links, and implement specific changes that will strengthen the entire system. With his considerable talents has helped organizations of all kinds, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies to the Japanese government to small business owners, use his strategies to transform their operation into a well-oiled machine. And now, these strategies are available to everyone.

Front Runners: Lap Your Competition With 10 Game-Changing Strategies For Total Business Transformation
Front Runners, Mahesh Rao

One of the biggest struggles for entrepreneurs and small business owners is remaining flexible and open to the changing of the technological and regulatory tides. If you focus your entire system of doing business under a few principals, what happens when those principals prove to be ineffective or invalid? Change can be daunting for a business when you’re locked into a way of doing things and can’t see outside the enclosure you’ve built yourself.

The Book

In Front Runners: Lap Your Competition With 10 Game-changing Strategies for Total Business Transformation, Mahesh Rao teaches us how to embrace, not fear, change—and not a moment too soon, as the technologies available to the modern business have resulted in a rapid pace of change beyond anything we have ever seen. If there’s ever a time for your small business to let go of the past and embrace the possibilities and opportunities of the future, that time is now.

With Front Runners, you can learn to:

  • Analyze your current business situation
  • Isolate and resolve potential roadblocks and challenges
  • Build a flexible organization that accepts and thrives on change
  • Improve communication across your entire business
  • Connect with people on a personal level, which will facilitate teamwork and shared goals
  • Give cross-functional teams the tools to be more efficient and effective

The Giveaway

This week, Click and Inc is giving you the opportunity to receive a hardcover copy of Front Runners at no cost to you. It’s simple—just leave us a comment, and we’ll select one submission at random out of all comments received by Friday, July 15th. If you’re the winner, we’ll contact you for your mailing address and ship the hardcover book to you, absolutely free.

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