Friday Favorites: February 13-17

Good things are happening in the business blogosphere, and we want to share them with you! Below are five standout posts we’ve noticed this week, and we believe they can help you and your small business. Perfect light reading for the weekend!

Somewhere between the formal business plan and the cocktail napkin to-do list is the one-page strategy, an excellent way to make sure your business is headed in the right direction. (Spoiler alert: Without a plan, your business is going in no direction.)

Just like the title indicates, Mr. Gottlieb has brought together an excellent list of helpful links, including IRS-provided assistance, tax-preparation tools, and other resources. Bookmark it, and be happy.

Ms. Harrison breaks down the five stages of blogging into restaurant terms, from generalist/fry cook to expert authority/food critic, explaining how to push your blog to the next level! You’ll be red-faced and screaming at people in no time.

In this article, Ms. Helbig shows us by example how not to run a business, then explains where your business’s focus should be: your customers. Ask not what your customers can do for you; ask what your business can do for them.

You might not be literally pitching your business to a potential investor in an elevator, but pretend you are—you should be able to explain your business concisely and succinctly in about as long as an elevator ride might take. Baseball fans will appreciate the metaphors; everyone will appreciate the sound business advice.

Have a great weekend!

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