Friday Favorites: 2/28/11 – 3/4/11

This Friday, we’re all about websites. Take a look at these great resources to solve your website development problems, take your web design a step further, or just to get ideas.


A fantastic resource for gorgeous, clean web design, this blog tackles problems you didn’t know existed and answers questions you didn’t know you had.

Eye-Tracking Study Reveals 12 Website Tactics

While a lot of this is common sense, it’s always interesting to know why. Researchers conducted a study, Eyetrack III, to determine the eye movement of a sampling of people poking around at content online, and the results reinforce what we’ve long suspected about online readership and attention-grabbing. Review this brief summary, or click through to the study’s website to get at the nitty-gritty of font sizes and multimedia.

Google Website Optimizer

Maximize conversions with this free tool; testing your changes and monitoring the resulting traffic flow has never been easier. You guesswork days are over.

The Internet Marketing Handbook

SEOmoz brings a wealth of free tools to help you do everything from locate authoritative links, to gain keyword insight from a variety of search engines, to crawl websites’ SEO content browser-style.

How Using Google AdWords Can Be the Best SEO Tool in Your Arsenal

As it turns out, AdWords and SEO optimization aren’t mutually exclusive. While not for the faint of heart, this is a comprehensive look at how paid ads can play a part in driving organic traffic to your website.

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