Friday Favorites: 2/21/11 – 2/25/11

This Friday, we bring you tax tips for freelancers, basic SEO information (seriously, start here), lessons from Mr. Trump himself, and more!

8 Ways to Bootstrap Your Company

Memeburn, a website known for its technology and business tracking, brings us some guidelines to stay grounded while starting a business when you’re watching your budget.

10 Management Lessons From Donald Trump

The Donald Trump behind those famous two words is an extremely knowledgeable and capable manager. His lessons for success will give you valuable things to think about.

Landing Page Optimization For Dummies

The For Dummies series may be a little on the silly side as far as their marketing, but they really do make everything easier. This cheat sheet is the perfect overview for the SEO n00b, refreshingly starting with the terminology used in the beginner’s tips before using the terminology. If SEO is overwhelming, bookmark this page and start here.

How to Fail: 25 Secrets Learned Through Failure

Not only does Taylor Davidson of Unstructured Ventures describe practically guaranteed ways to fail; he also lists ways to change course and redirect yourself to success.

10 Deductions Freelancers Can Make

If you’re operating as a freelancer, there are certain tax deductions that you can take advantage of. Make sure you’re writing off everything you possibly can—those small but repetitive costs can add up!

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