Eye-Catching Store Front Designs to Draw in Traffic to Your Business

[This article was written by Anita Ginsburg.]

Window-shopping is still one of many people’s favorite pastimes, and a stellar storefront window design can attract dozens of new customers to your business. Your storefront will set the first impression most people make of your business, so nailing down the perfect design ideas that capture the essence of your brand will help you entice new buyers. Here are a few tips that will help your store stand out.

See What the Neighbors Are Doing

Check nearby stores to see what types of designs are popular in your area. While you want to stand out, creating a design that is completely out-of-character could be more off-putting than anything else. If all of the buildings on your street look relatively the same, consider using colorful and eye-catching signage.

Other ways to get noticed in a creative way include the use of blackboards, window applications and paint. Make sure that you check with your building’s property manager before you make any exterior renovations, though.

Don’t Forget the Entrance

Wrap banisters or porches in soft lights or garland during the holidays; hire an artist to create a unique design on your steps, add a stylish awning or create arrangements with flowers or seasonal items that entice buyers.

Your entrance can also help to establish a wrap-around effect, seamlessly transitioning the viewers’ gaze from your storefront right up to your front door.

Remember Emotion

Even mannequins can convey feelings, and you should tap into what you want your products to elicit in your buyers. For example, a fashion boutique may choose to pose their models elegantly while an athletic store would pose models in positions that emanate strength and power.

Feelings also come into play when you’re arranging displayers; color plays a large factor in how people feel. Subconsciously, different color schemes elicit different emotions. In the dead of winter, oranges and reds can bring forth feelings of warmth. Likewise, in the summer, cool tones will promote feelings of relaxation and relief.

Be Unique

Large pieces such as custom metal fabrication signs can really draw people’s eyes to your storefront. Your signs should be big enough to catch attention and let people know who you are without being obnoxious. They should also have some flair to them that fits in with the rest of your design.

You can also commission custom frames, shelves, or other pieces can give your storefront a distinct quality that is able to be dressed up and changed for different seasons. Some statues and or other art will help to draw people in.

Your branding should also play a large part in your design; a storefront can be dynamic without straying too far from its’ businesses’ general look. Strive to use your storefront designs as a way to cultivate a distinct impression that passerby will come to know you by.

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