Employment Picture Not As Bleak As You Might Think

The job picture for the second half 2011 is looking bleak, but all is not lost; there are some areas of employment that are experiencing rapid growth and have great career potential. There are some obvious areas of job growth—the oil industry is enjoying a flush of new job creation, for example—but there are other areas you may be surprised to hear are flourishing and expected to continue flourishing. Here are just a few solid career choices for you to consider while entering the second half of 2011.

Oil Rig Repair

Both land and offshore oil rigs break down during operation, and on-site repair personnel are valuable employees for oil companies to have.

Aircraft Assembly

From the Boeing 747 that carries you across the country to the suborbital capability of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo, aircraft and spacecraft are going higher and faster than ever before. This is an area of employment that welcomes new talent and new innovation.

Education and Training

With the rapid advancement of technology, it’s difficult for some people—especially those who may not be as comfortable with computers—to keep up. The need for training so that individuals can feel confident with the Internet and other technology results in an area with a huge potential for growth.

The elderly care business is on the rise.
The elderly care business is on the rise.

Elderly Care Services

A huge number of “baby boomers” are entering retirement age. Not only does this help employment prospects across the board, as elderly people transition out of their careers and into retirement, but it also provides jobs for those involved in senior citizen care.

Childcare Services

As the economy begins to rebound and more adults, and specifically women, are re-entering the workforce, childcare is an obvious need that must be filled.


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Information Technologies

Yes, you’ve heard this before—but IT needs aren’t going away. In fact, skilled programmers and developers are more in demand now than ever before.

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