Doing it All In-House? 4 Things Your Business Can Outsource to Save Time and Money

[This article was written by Anica Oaks.]

Each employee in your organization needs enough space to work effectively. That figure is about 205 square feet in an office setting, and it may be more in manufacturing situations. Additionally, for every employee on your payroll, you must provide a benefits package, and that usually adds about 30 percent to the cost of your payroll, according to the United States Department of Labor. If you are looking to control expenses, then it may be smart to outsource many different activities.


Outsourcing your accounting department may make perfect sense. This is especially true of many small businesses who really do not have enough work to keep an individual busy but needs someone who is current on the intricacies of the law. Outsourcing this service often allows you to share the expense of an expert with other businesses.


Outsourcing your company’s marketing can be a very wise move. Your marketing expert can help you develop your marketing objectives, understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses and identify your customer’s pain points. With Google and other search internet companies making daily changes in algorithms, it is important that you have someone who is constantly keeping up with the latest findings. Furthermore, when you outsource this job, you split the cost of the latest software and equipment with others instead of having to pay the entire cost yourself.


Kitting is the process of putting supplies together in an attractive package that you sell to your customers. For example, in medical kitting, you might put together bandages, ointments, scissors and other tools together in an attractive package and sell it as a first aid kit. While this can be a great way to increase your company’s sales, unless you outsource kitting, the amount of inventory space you need might outweigh sales.


Like accounting, most businesses find that they have the need for a lawyer occasionally. Former or prospective employees suing your company for fraudulent employment packages, answering formal governmental complaints against your business, negotiating to buy your former competitor or change the structure of your company is just a few of the reasons you may need a lawyer. Yet, most lawyers in America earn over $118,000 annually making having one on staff cost prohibitive in many cases.

Outsourcing makes great sense in many cases. Consider where you can find good outsourcing employees for your company. Then, get busy using their services today.

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