Defend Your Employee Rights: 5 Reasons to Hire an Employment Lawyer

[This article was written by Viridiana Valdes.]

Employees and employers are both served by employment lawyers. Both parties are advised by employment lawyers based on federal and state employment laws, ensuring that none has been violated. Great employment lawyers ensure that the entire workforce is treated fairly by employers, who, in turn, will also be checked for their compliance.

 What are some of the employment issues that employment lawyers handle?

 Some of the tasks employment lawyers handle include drafting employee handbooks, reviewing existing employee handbooks, dealing with wage issues, and representing employers or employees before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to ensure that everything is being carried out under the rule of law.

Employers may put employees at a great disadvantage if they are too pro-management. Most times, employees become unwilling, clueless victims of unlawful actions and policies enacted by ignorant or abusive employers. Either way, you should contact an employment lawyer if you encounter any of these real-world scenarios:

  • Contract violations

Breach of contracts happens when the terms are not delivered as promised by the undersigned parties. It is one of the most common issues that employment lawyers have to deal with. At times, employers commit contract violations in terms of compensation, which may be related to wages or not giving the benefits, as stated in the contract.

They may also force employees to sign agreements not previously stated in the original contract. All these could be sorted out by an employment lawyer focused on the case.

  • Workplace discrimination 

If you have experienced any sort of prejudice in the workplace because of your race, religious beliefs, gender, or political alignment, employment lawyers can build a strong case for you and use the rule of law to help defend your name.

  •  Sexual harassment

In 2019, workplace harassment statistics revealed that between 25%–85% of women experienced some degree or form of sexual harassment at work. This was the same period when sexual harassment in politics and business has also been highly publicized thanks to the #MeToo movement. Employment lawyers will work on fighting for your claim.

  •  Wrongful termination 

You are protected under the law as an employee. Your rights are covered in provisions such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Equal Pay Act, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, and other vital state and federal laws covering a wide range of employment issues. Employment lawyers will use these set laws as the building blocks of your case if you are unlawfully fired.

  • Protecting whistleblowers

If your company has been involved in a major scandal or issue and you happen to be the whistleblower, employment lawyers could help you fight the battle by giving you protection while the legal issues are being resolved.

What are 5 Reasons to Hire an Employment Lawyer?

If you are an employee who has experienced some form of injustice in the workplace, contact an employment lawyer to assist you. Many times, employees are not aware of how to get what they deserve through legal means, while big companies that have committed the abuse get away with just a scratch.

Your rights and interests must be upheld. Here are five of the most common reasons why you would need to hire an employment lawyer.

  1. You have been mistreated, harassed, ostracized, or retaliated against by your employer

Despite the fear of retaliation from speaking out, the danger gets elevated when such abuses continue to exist. This is because more people could fall victim to the same abusive person or system in place.

In cases like sexual harassment, all victims surveyed gave troubling responses: over 63% of women didn’t file complaints, and a staggering 79% of men never talked about it. In another study, 50% of women and 64 % of men reported that the same offense hurt their career.

Sexual harassment is just one of the most common kinds of mistreatment in the workplace, along with racial discrimination. Evidence must be gathered to make a substantial claim. Employment lawyers will assist you on how to present your case, which evidence has weight when presented, and all other concerns related to building your case for victory.

If you hire a good employment lawyer, they will make sure that you never settle for less.

 You were illegally terminated or fired

You might have been dismissed or terminated illegally. Taking it to court with evidence gathered and fortified with an employment lawyer’s excellent skills will allow you to increase your chances of winning. Making educated decisions on how to proceed with your legal battle will give you the confidence to face the issue head-on.

  1. You are being forced to sign an agreement that forgoes the rights and claims you have

Getting into new agreements or contracts should be done with caution at all times. Before signing anything from your employer, you must read through the fine print with an employment lawyer to see what you are up against.

  1. The employer has defied state or federal laws

Lawmakers had the interests of the working class at heart when employment laws were put in effect. Abusive or sneaky employers trying to cut corners or mislead parties tend to violate the law and must be reported.

  1. Your employer violates your employment contract and does not give you agreed compensation or benefits

Compensation claims should show an apparent disparity between the agreement signed by both employers and employees and what is actually being paid or provided. Your job contract must include clear and complete details on the following: benefits, severance packages, wages, and all other fees payable. Each transaction and exchange logged helps keep track of agreement violations made, if any.

 No worries: employment lawyers get things done 

If you are involved in an employment-related dispute or own a business and need to ensure that you are complying with the state or federal employment laws, you may contact an employment lawyer for assistance. He/She will help you understand the issue and represent your best interests in resolving any work-related legal disputes. Hire an employment lawyer now to save you from legal woes.


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