Corporate Event: How to Tag Your Team with Coordinated Shirts

[This article was written by Rachelle Wilber.]

Team spirit isn’t just for athletes anymore. Group t-shirts contribute to an excellent bonding experience at your company as well. Consider handing them out the next time you have a big corporate event.

Color Theory

What are your “team colors”? Start with the obvious: does your company have overall branding guidelines? Those often include color schemes as well. Check with the marketing department before you change it up too much. One fun idea could be to give special (company-approved) team colors to each individual group. For example, your IT department could have one color scheme while the c-suite could display another.

Mascot Mania

Turn your custom team logo apparel into a contest. Send out the guidelines of what you’re looking for. Is it an abstract design? Do you want to have a mascot for your group? Think about what message you’re trying to send with your company. Lions are fierce and take charge while foxes are sly and creative. If your company is already large enough to already have a mascot you could try updating it a little. Maybe your mascot is wearing a cute T-shirt of its own. The prize for the best design could be simple bragging rights or a gift card to a nearby restaurant. Don’t leave the runners-up behind. Acknowledge the top three designs so the others can feel good about themselves too.

Why Do You Need It?

Companies use team t-shirts for a whole host of reasons. It’s important to figure out yours. Do you just want the shirts for promos? You can hand them out for free after a client meeting. The most common reason is for solidarity. Team building events or a corporate retreat deserve to be memorialized. Your employees will get an extra boost of inspiration whenever they wear their commemorative shirts.

Invest Carefully

The best reason to have a company T-shirt is because it’s cost-effective. Mass producing t-shirts for your entire team often qualifies for group discounts. You also get an impressive return on your investment. Studies show that 85% of clients are more likely to buy from companies if they’ve gotten promotional swag like a shirt. It creates a positive brand image.

Core identity, advertising, and a whole lot of fun: what’s not to like about team t-shirts for your company? You could even give them out as a surprise at your next staff meeting.

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