Challenges You Need To Prepare For When Starting A Business

[This article was written by Thomas Lanigan.]

If you have been dreaming about owning and running a business, there is no time like the present. However, do not let anyone fool you into thinking that it is easy. It can be brutal, especially if you fall prey to common startup mistakes. Here are some challenges you will encounter:


Even the greatest entrepreneur’s success stories indicate that they started with a plan, and so should you. Committing your ideas to paper and examining the realities of accomplishing what you want to are essential parts of the process. Evaluate opportunities in the market, your chances of success, identify strengths and weaknesses and make changes to your approach.

Write a detailed business plan that would persuade any potential investor or customer that they would be foolish not to spend their hard-earned money on your idea. Having a plan in place lets you create a vision to work toward.


Someone has probably told you that you need to break a few eggs to make an omelet. A similar principle applies to starting a business. Without seed money to get it off the ground, it is unlikely to bear fruit. Handling this aspect of your startup depends on your needs.

It might take a little saving or a small loan, or you might need to network and actively seek large investors. Consider taking on a partner who is prepared to invest capital in your business. If you are taking someone else’s money to get going, ensure you have watertight contracts regarding the investment.


Only a fraction of business startups achieve overnight success. The going gets tough for the rest, and you might question your initial idea to start a company in the first place. This is normal, but how you deal with it will distinguish you from other entrepreneurs.

Do not let setbacks chip away at your confidence and belief in your idea. Have a strong support system of friends and family members to motivate you to keep reaching for your entrepreneurial dream. Set short, medium, and long-term goals broken down milestones, and congratulate yourself for achieving them.


While these potential obstacles might make starting a business seem like a daunting challenge, do not let them deter you. Being prepared for them gives you an advantage over other entrepreneurs because you have planned how to overcome them and can see them before they hit. After all, forewarned is forearmed.

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