Business Components: How to Bring it All Together

[This article was written by Rachelle Wilber.]

Operating a business is exciting, but it is also challenging in many ways. While there are plenty of details to attend to when starting up a company, here are four critical elements that require prompt attention to ensure they, and the business, continue to work efficiently.

Maintain a Safe Facility

Your company building must be kept safe, secure, and healthy for employees. A simple commercial roof repair job can prevent more costly repairs later, and minimize the risk of mold, a potentially serious allergen, from developing in the structure. Have the HVAC system inspected every year for possible problems. Address plumbing leaks or drain backups immediately to provide suitable amenities for everyone’s use.

Set up an Effective Record-Keeping System

Documents and records are a company’s lifeblood. Whether print or electronic, make sure your files are kept confidential and in good order so that valuable information can be readily accessed. Protect electronic records with adequate antivirus programs, and consider hiring an accounts manager to oversee record maintenance and storage. Alternatively, this can be done offsite by outsourcing to a record protection company, but some companies are concerned about possible confidentiality breaches.

Monitor and Motivate Employees to Enhance Productivity

After recruiting and hiring the most qualified employees for each position, it is important to routinely monitor their performance to ensure they can handle the job, and do it well. Performance evaluations should be conducted every six to twelve months, with a written report kept on file. Employees should know how to improve if weaknesses are identified. Motivation is also a valuable tool to encourage productivity. Consider offering incentives for employees who reach company milestones. Recognition through company publications or its website, along with celebratory annual dinners or events, make employees feel valued and appreciated, and they are likely to work harder than ever.

Hone Your Product and Service

Avoid resting on prior successes. Maintain an active stance toward continuing to improve your product and delivery. Solicit customer feedback and product reviews to see how people feel and what could be done better. Customer service is also important, so continue to refine the ways in which you communicate with customers, such as via in-house interactions, electronic exchanges, and complaint intake. Listening to your customers and striving to enhance your business will enable them to feel valued and to appreciate your company even more.

Focus on these four aspects of your business at first. Everything else will fall into place accordingly. They will help you lead your business to new heights of greatness and productivity.

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