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[This article was written by Adam Wright.]

Social media, I like it! These are the gold mines with near limitless traffic of sales opportunities running wild each day right in front of our eyes. Statistics show over 1.5 billion logins on Facebook happens each day both from mobile devices or personal computer. Near 1.4 billion daily logins for twitter. LinkedIn, Instagram … and many more. Social media networks seize over 45% of daily purchases and business interactions these days. It’s no easy number. This number shows how crucial having a business appeal over social media platforms has become. With main point to consider that these numbers keep on growing in a lightning fast pace and you need not just to exist on social media, yet even to keep up with that unstoppable pace. For that, social media management types of software came to light.

Social media management tools helps your business hold a brightful face over social networks by planning social media content which serve polishing up your business identity so called your brand, publishing these social media posts on set schedules and correlated time plans,  managing multiple accounts so you never miss an audience while existing nearly everywhere right at the same time, respond to inquiries in real-time to earn your business even deeper respect and impact, store content and archive posts to send out the feeling you have super powers of a business that never sleeps.

Yet each mine need a key, and a map to go through, and as good as your map, as well your chances are to reach the ultimate benefit out these fruitful mines. So let’s go through and see the best maps, or better say, the best social media management software available at market today.

Best Social Media Management Software in 2019:

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the leader in the field, with endless possibilities to how you manage your ROI over more than 35 different social media networks, advocate your employees so they can share and interact through decisive points and elements of insight for your business instantly without the hassle of awaiting management approval, or even personalizing your customers` experience to the utmost level in real-time through direct monitoring for every single, hashtag, mention, keyword including your name, creating automatic search streams to curate your brand and send direct response to each client inquiry for a standardized and most assuring experience with your industry. Hootsuite also operates over 175 countries worldwide, so wherever you are, Hootsuite got you covered.

  • Sprout Social

As an official partner for all leading social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, google+ and twitter, sprout social is offering business of all scales premium social media management and interaction features. In addition to social media marketing, customer service, & social media analysis tools, all combined in an extremely intuitive and oriented platform & dashboard divided into six sections: Messages, Tasks, Feed, Publishing, Discovery, and Reports that can help you know where you stand with your customers and prospects. Giving each level of user an authentic experience mostly signified with robust and upgraded success into business and everlasting relationships to their customers. Sproutsocial is considered the first all-in-one social media management & CRM solution most trusted by big names including Hyatt, GrubHub, Microsoft, Uber and Zendesk. Offering its serves over multiple systems including Android and iOS.

  • eclincher

Developers on eclincher has put their vision on revolutionizing social media marketing, thus providing eclincher with all means for serving that purpose. With robust tools for boosting and enhancing, also discovering all potentials in each post, hashtag, pinpoint or whatever mention published or received through a unified inbox serve gathering all this data in one single place for easier management and more effective interaction with your audience, and gathered into a searchable library that facilitates ordering, scheduling, and recycling your most effective publishing quotes. All help increasing traffic over and value in your brand. eClincher also tracks keywords and hashtags, pinpoints and analyzes influencers, and lets you analyze the progress of each post independently. Beside that long list of third party integrations including Google Analytics, Sniply, Canva, Pocket, YouTube, and more. Serving every nook and dimension through a successful web branding and core effectiveness over social media platforms.

  • Buffer

Buffer is a renowned social media and browser management platform with over 4 million marketers relying on this intuitive and streamlined software to establish a solid reputation for their brands, agencies, or on individual level over social media and drive meaningful relationship with their customers.

Buffer introduces itself into four main suites of products: publishing (with quick and easy scheduling tools allows for preparing and scheduling social posts on multiple networks includes Facebook, twitter, google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest), engagement (through crafting unified updates for all networks on a single dashboard and have them published in bulk or shared immediately.), analytics (with tracking and analyzing all key engagement metrics such as likes, shares, comments, tweets, mentions for close interactions monitoring and accurate reporting), and enhanced team collaboration. That in addition to buffer most unique feature called Pablo image creator for creating a richer content injecting images, videos and GIFs.

  • Sendible

Operating as a productivity tool for agencies, Sendible is considered a leading solution in the field, with a wide range of powerful social media engagement, monitoring, publishing, lead generation and reporting features such as social media automation for simplifying the process of driving interactions, growing a following and starting conversations on social media. The unified Priority Inbox which help consolidating the most important conversations from multiple sources into a single stream Highly visual social media reports helps deliver both meaningful and impressive-looking insights. And one of the most powerful social media content creators on market, the sophisticated compose box helps both brands and agencies schedule social media posts in bulk and at the most optimal engagement times. Added the advanced content suggestion algorithms which automatically curate and recommend the best content on the web for your audience.

  • AgoraPulse

What really distinguish this tool among its peers as a dedicated social media management and CRM platform is its set of unique and interesting capabilities suits both small and enterprise business levels such as: Social Media Inbox for each account with real time tracking of incoming messages, flexible publishing options for queued, scheduled, and re-queued posts, Advanced analytics delivered in PowerPoint and CSV reports, Unlimited reports included with every subscription, Automatic moderation to rid accounts of spam and to easily assign incoming messages, Audience qualification and ranking to instantly build meaningful business relationships, and Team workflow features for better collaboration and customer service. AgoraPulse currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.

  • SocialPilot

Socialpilot introduces us to some of the most advanced and helpful features, some of which are considered a rare catch on social media management tools. Such features include custom Facebook branding the helps create posts, tweets and other online social interactions using your own brand rather than provider`s. There is also customization & flexibility feature for system tools which automates how these tools serve your brand based on each business unique rules and preferences. Bulk scheduling with the ability to create bulk posts upload CSV files for over 500 posts daily. Team collaboration tool with unlimited number of members to invite. Social media calendar, powerful browser extension for chrome, Firefox, and safari which allows sharing content over the internet and through all social networks effectively, giving Socialpilot the ability to blend in every software architecture. Social media analytics, and last but not least, client management tools which allows users to manage their clients’ accounts without the need to create personal admin, exchanging account credentials, or any other hassle included.

  • Edgar

Edgar has a loveable interface, yet what truly makes this social scheduling and publishing automation software unique is its ability to never let your queue run out of posts. Edger saves everything you publish in an organized library based on categories like Quotes, blog posts, or Cat Puns. All you need next is setting a schedule for when Edgar starts publishing from each category and that’s all. Edgar then keeps on publishing and recycling old posts for newer and ever flowing traffic generation. Edgar is also equipped with a super smart insights feature to never miss an important update or opportunity. With Edgar you can even set an auto expiring content which mostly serves marketers on seasonal promotions and special offers. Edgar offers an ultimate level of flexibility over published and recycled posts categorized to serve every need and purpose. With unlimited content library for storing every single content or update at will.

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Adam Wright is a marketing coordinator at Reviano, Reviano is a web-based platform which offers real-users reviews for SaaS providers from different categories, such as: CRM, Marketing automation, HR software and others.

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