Benefits of using Open Source Software for your website

[This article was written by Delan Cooper.]

Open source is a common name of software released under a license that gives users almost the same rights as the author. As users of software created under open source, you can see how software is written. It is freely available to anyone and can be downloaded for use, adaptation, and further development by anyone. Open-source software is also usually free of licensing costs, which means you only pay for website design, customization, and configuration to get the system you want it to be.

Open-source software has source code – the part of the software that we as ordinary computer users don’t see – and that anyone can modify or enhance. Programmers can then add features and improve a program when they have access to a computer program’s source code.

There are many advantages of using open-source software, some of which we discuss below:

Flexible Abilities

One of the benefits of using open source for a website is its flexibility. This means you can change it to meet your specific needs. Open source enables technology flexibility and offers a hundred and one ways to solve problems.

It ensures your IT organization doesn’t get left behind because they don’t offer certain capabilities gotten from a vendor. With such capabilities you don’t have to wait around for a vendor, you can create it yourself.

With open-source, your business is rid of software vendor’s prices and dictates.

No licensing Costs

One of the main arguments for using open-source software besides flexibility it offers is lower costs. Choosing a commercial publishing tool is not always justified, as it involves additional licensing costs. An open-source code allows the company to spend money on developing the product instead of licensing costs. Another advantage is that the company is not dependent on a particular supplier but can choose whichever supplier they feel is best suited.

Speed and other benefits

Also, open-source brings cost-effectiveness and speed. Using open-source software doesn’t only speed delivery of hard- and software solutions, it provides flexibility, it allows a business to remain ahead of technology development and it saves money.

Of course, there is some source code that a certain person or organization created and then they have control over it and they’re the only ones who can modify it. It is known as proprietary’ software.

Open-source – the obvious choice

If you’re building a website, you’ll need to select a content management system and you’ve got 2 main options – proprietary or open-source. Most people choose open, with an open-source solution being WordPress and Magento. With proprietary, only the original authors of proprietary software can legally alter the software.

Also, with closed sourced proprietary software, no one but those in the office have a clue what bugs are present and once a bug is found, it can take ages to release a patch for their product.

If you get a document or bank receipt copy in .aspx format, it can be irritating because the whole idea is for the document to be readable.

PDF is a cross-functional file format and its beauty is that it is independent of software, hardware, operating system, and device. Instead of using the HTML format, Microsoft’s websites use the ASPX extension.

With open-source software example, you can easily convert aspx to pdf as well as convert an aspx page to pdf. The development team is standing by with their support for your particular project integration and when you contact the team you get all your queries on these sorts of issues answered swiftly and skilfully.

When a situation necessitates a conversion from ASPX to PDF to ensure the ability to read the file., there need never be a problem. ASPX is an Internet media type document and easy to open making use of Google Chrome, Firefox, Operas, and Internet Explorer and to then save it as a PDF document.

For aspx to pdf converter, as already suggested, ASPX is an Internet media type document and it is simple to open such a file using Google Chrome for instance. You can open an ASPX file in Chrome and save it as a PDF document by –

  • Dragging the ASPX file from your desktop to Chrome’s URL field for web addresses.
  • The aspx file will open so that you can see the content in the aspx file. To convert aspx files to PDF, you can press ‘Ctrl + P’ to open the print settings. Then it’s time to press the ‘change’ button from the pop-up window, under the ‘destination’ tab.
  • This is what converts the document into a PDF file. Choose ‘save as PDF’ option so as to save the ASPX file to PDF document.

Open source is free and this is a huge boost for your business, especially for startups but thee are may more advantages for switching to open source. In fact, FOSS is the acronym for free and open-source software which includes operating systems such as Linux and LibreOffice and others. Free software licenses allow users the ability to use the software placed under those licenses.

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