An SEO Audit: What Worked in 2019 & What to Expect in 2020

[This article was written by Ion G. Tudorache.]

When performing an overall SEO audit regarding market trends and solutions in this particular field, there are a few interesting strategies that stand out and that continue to help webmasters rank higher and higher until they reach their goals, when it comes to search engine optimization. It is a known fact that Google’s algorithm is updated constantly. On the other hand, before investing in any SEO efforts, you should set a goal. After that, you need to audit your website to learn “how much you will have to invest in the change, what impact will it have and how long it will take to see it, who will perform the change and how long it will take to complete”, according to this post “Set your priorities for better results”.

Top SEO strategies that worked in 2019 and will make a difference in 2020 as well

  1. Using keywords that make it easier to attract clients when they are in the research phase.

According to, even though the buyer intent keywords are hard to rank for, “in the short run, there are other keywords that have similar search patterns and they aren’t as lucrative and they are more so informational related”. People usually do some research before they decide to make a purchase. Based on the patterns mentioned above, you can use Google Correlate to adjust your SEO strategy into a winning one.

Neil Patel uses “beard oil” as an example. The conclusion of his example is that “oils for coughs” can have a similar search pattern that one could use for SEO purposes while implementing this specific strategy.

  1. Optimize the pages that already rank high on search engine results page for a specific term.

You can make a few interesting adjustments that will lead to a surprising result: the chance to rank for new terms in a really short time – somewhere about 1-2 months, which is much faster than it would normally take, when talking about SEO efforts. You would need to perform an SEO audit and find out more about the terms that you already rank high for. See which of the URLs of your website are associated with these keywords. Use a keyword tool to find related keywords that you can add on said page, while also adjusting the content to make it all smooth and natural.

  1. Analyzing and reviewing your competitors’ SEO approach.

This does not mean that you should just find out what works for them and copy the exact same strategies. Learn which of their pages are found organically and ask the right questions before you create a new page for your own website. The main factors that you need to consider before getting to work in this case would be:

  • regarding the topic of the web page and whether it is of interest to your target audience
  • if you don’t already have content that covers the same topic
  • what kind of visitors would be interested in this type of content?
  • whether you have the resources to create a new page with new content.

By knowing all of this information, it will be easier to learn whether it is something that you should focus on. After all, according to, “not all top competitor pages will make sense for your site, audience and goals”.

  1. Planning and creating content

As you are already monitoring the activity of your competitors, you can rely on the data that you have acquired regarding what helps them rank high and come up with new content ideas that you can turn into reality in the near future. Planning your content with a specific goal in mind will allow you to get the desired results. Creating content just because a topic seems to be a great fit for your blog is a waste of resources.

It would be great if you could establish a strategy for the whole year – one that comes with a calendar. But first, decide on how often you are going to create new content. Should you do it weekly or just work on pillar content that you share with the world every once in a while, for maximum results? The choice if yours.

  1. Technical audits and fixing any errors might be better done by experts that can offer you SEO services USA

There is nothing wrong with deciding to audit your own website. However, when it comes to technical issues, outsourcing this need will make it easier for you to ensure that all errors are fixed without you needing to dedicate any vital resources to this matter. It is essential to understand that the technical part of SEO plays a vital role in the way your website is ranked. Missing alt text, duplicate content, broken images or links and many other situations can be preventing your site to reach the top of search engine results pages.

There are tools that can do this for you, but when it comes to comparing the analysis and recommendations provides by one tool to what an entire team of SEO experts can provide, the conclusion is quite obvious. Of course, the way you decide to handle your site’s search engine optimization depends on your perspective. Would you prefer the approach of a tool or a report and the help of a team that uses the best software, while relying on their experience and expertise to optimize your website? The final decision is yours.


The strategies mentioned above have worked in 2019 and will certainly help your website in 2020, as long as you implement them properly. Choosing to invest in SEO services USA might be a great way of freeing up your own resources. If you run a digital agency, you can even consider relying on a company that handles SEO for your clients as well. In the meantime, try these 5 SEO techniques and see for yourself how easy it can be to rank high for keywords that are truly relevant to your niche. Be patient, consistent and ask for help if the results of your SEO efforts do not match your expectations.

Author Bio:

Ph.D. Ion G. Tudorache is a specialized SEO strategist, with 14 years of experience in the SEO industry. He is the co-founder of Gamit, an online marketing agency that offers a complete portfolio of SEO services in the USA: a comprehensive analysis, content writing services, full SEO audit, rank tracking, and tailored SEO proposals.

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