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Your marketing strategy affects the way you run your entire business, so it should be planned and developed in consultation with your team. One of the best instruments for marketing is graphic designing. Graphic designing is a vast field and has been evolving day by day. There may be a perception that graphic designing is a major part of digital marketing. But let us share the fact, it is not! Well, designed graphics can also be an equally important part of traditional marketing. Traditional marketing i.e. outdoor marketing has not gone anywhere. It is still effective and able to boost your sales. People still use outdoor marketing materials like printed banners, flyers, logo tablecloths, billboards, vehicle wraps, and effective flag designs to boost their branding.

Outdoor marketing – effective flag designing

A well designed and creative graphics can communicate your marketing message in an effective way. Good design makes you look good and feel good.  You just don’t get one or two benefits associated with outdoor marketing. The list includes, but not restricted to, wide coverage of local markets, creativity, frequency, and geographic flexibility, ability to create brand awareness, boost efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns, etc. But, a billion-dollar question is how to effectively design your flag for marketing?

Personalized and unique

Do not join the bandwagon and replicate the flag design ideas for your brand. Each brand creates a marketing campaign for its own goals. So, replicating their flag design ideas will not give you the desired results. So, always aim for choosing the creative flag designer for advertising and marketing that is in line with the goals of your campaign.

Most common marketing flags are either in rectangle or in a square shape. These shapes are easy to identify from a distance and simple to layout your content and design. If you want to look unique and stand out in the crowd, you can think of a flag design in a triangle shape or any other cool shape that can accommodate your logo and marketing message.

Place logo prominently

Whenever you see fruit apple with one side eaten, what do you think of? Yes, that is the impact the brand Apple has created on your minds with its logo designing and branding. Similarly, when you see a resembles a rounded version of a checkmark, don’t you think of nothing else but Nike. In addition, your logo doesn’t just signify your business but also represents your core values. You should put a logo on your marketing flag in a prominent place with the right size design. By seeing your logo, your target audience will start recognizing your brand and offerings. And, hopefully, over time, your logo will trigger a positive reaction within past, present, and future customers.

Take care of the cosmetic appearance

In regards to marketing flag design, cosmetic appearance means taking care of font size, font style, colors, and backgrounds. Follow your branding colors and fonts. But make sure that whatever background you chose, your fonts should be legible and visible. Based on experience, it can be concluded that the use of bright colors works best while designing marketing flags. Bright colors like yellows, blues, and reds stand out from a distance and grab the eyeballs of pedestrians too.

Also, flags can be printed or designed on both sides. Identify what is the best option for you. Is your offer really unique and you want to educate the user first rather than selling upfront? If so, opt for double-sided prints. Whatever you select, it should be easy on your pockets. Consider your budget too. And also, more importantly, be it one-sided ot double-sided, think about where the flag is going to be displayed.

Decide when and where to display

Just for the sake of creating outdoor marketing material, you should refrain from flag designing. It would be then just a waste of time and resources. But, first think of your campaign goals, your target audience and then decide when and where you will display your marketing flags. If your offerings are targeted to the female audience, it makes sense to display your flags on shopping malls, salons, supermarkets, etc. if your offerings are targeted to both male and female but only of age groups in between 20 and 30, you should display on multiplexes, restaurants, bars, etc.

A well thought out and creatively designed marketing flag is a good investment . you can use these marketing flags many times. Depending upon requirements, you can place them on your premises on occasions like SALE, clients’ visits, events, seminars, celebrations, etc.

Over to you – embrace portable marketing tool

Marketing flags are a portable marketing tool. One can move it wherever and whenever required. You can also carry them to trade shows or community events. Their visual presence can definitely encourage a wider audience to discover your company and get to know about your various offerings.

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