8 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Use WordPress

[This article was written by Amelia Kristen.]

Have you been thinking whether you should use WordPress to create your website or some other programming interfaces?

Be calm and look into this piece of article, it has the answer for you!

The selection of the website platform is not easy as you’ve thought of it. It is a tough decision to make when you have to select one from the available options.

However, there are plenty of website software available, but among all, WordPress is one of the best options to choose from as it is most used blogging platform in the world.

It’s simplistic and customizable nature makes it easy for anyone to become a blogger or an individual entrepreneur.

WordPress was officially launched in 2003 as a good luck for a majority of singles. There are many benefits to blogging in general and using WordPress in particular.

Nowadays, most businesses are having websites and personal blogging pages to simply update their websites regularly to be in the good book of Google and other search engines. To build your online presence successful, having a blog can significantly influence ranking and drive traffic to your website.

To make all these possible, use WordPress as a creator!

If you really want to know more, have a look at the following 8 reasons that inspire you to use WordPress to create virtual presence.

  1. Its Cost-effective

WordPress is an open-source software that means all of its sources codes are available to everybody.

On other hand, you can easily download WordPress and use it for free. However, if you want to make your presence unique, you can get your customized hosting and domain name by paying.

  1. Plenty of Themes available

WordPress gives you numerous varieties of themes as a template, and it also provides a customized paid theme.

Most of these themes come with great layouts and designs, and they provide theme setting to customize the basic color and style of your website.

Selecting a unique theme is the good way to boost your online presence. However, to gain market value, every website must be incomparable and special to find its market value online.

  1. Customized Plugins

Plugins are one of the most favorable reasons to use WordPress. They are likely to add various features to websites, whether it is smaller or bigger.

As there are infinite free and paid plugins available in the marketplace to power up you WordPress site, you can easily update plugins on WordPress time to time.

These plugins add different functionalities to your website such as a shopping cart, SEO tools, contact forms, and many more.

  1. Its User-Friendly

Entrepreneurs have to handle multiple things at a time. As, there is a lot on their mind. WordPress is one of the most user-friendly website software and it will help an entrepreneur to build a website without any knowledge of coding.

It offers a tutorial on how to use the back-end, and they are very short and understandable. It also has such a user-friendly and intuitive administrative panel so that anyone can explore on their pace.

  1. SEO Friendly

Entrepreneurs not only need to build an attractive site, but also their website should optimize for search engines that is well-organized through WordPress.

As SEO plays a vital role in the development of the website as it would create higher traffic and more revenue for your business. With the help of WordPress, there would also be a huge expansion of your website.

  1. Its Worldwide Accepted

WordPress has created its niche in very short duration. According to most recent stats that show, since 1 April 2018, WordPress is actually powering 30.9% of the web, and it’s rising day-by-day!

  1. Its Flexible and Customizable

If you require some advanced functionalities for your website and WordPress is going to make it easier for you web developers. WordPress is designed to make admins and developers according to their needs.

Its source code is understandable and customizable for web developer. So, Entrepreneur like can create dream website with its most amazing source codes.

  1. Freedom to Choose Your Own Hosting Provider

WordPress gives you a freedom to choose beneficial hosting provider. For instance, if you are located in Melbourne, and you want to choose a host that has its servers located in Melbourne. So, WordPress makes this process easy!

There are a lot more reasons why companies and Entrepreneurs use WordPress to create their appealing and informative websites, but above are top most reasons to choose WordPress to create websites.


WordPress offers such an easy way for the non-technical person and web developer to create any types of projects. So, WordPress as a CMS could be very beneficial and useful for entrepreneurs who aim to minimize cost and grow their business as soon as possible.

It can be very useful for all the entrepreneurs who target to reduce the costs and also spread their business. Hence, an entrepreneur must use WordPress!

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Amelia Kristen is the marketing strategist at Kodematix. she really likes to shares her views and knowledge about Website marketing as here in this post she acknowledges us some of the best methods to be implemented on website to make it more trustworthy.

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