7 Ways Businesses Can Go Greener in 2020

[This article was written by Tiffany Harper.]

One of the most important aspects of running a sustainable business is going green. By doing so, your company is reducing environmental waste that could negatively impact the environment. This holistic approach is taken on by an increased number of businesses across the world to save our planet by improving energy consumption efficiency. “Green” businesses will use sustainable materials, become compliant with environmental practices and regulations, and buy sustainable equipment and products to eliminate waste.

If you take a closer look at businesses today, you will see that the trend of “going green” has become prevalent within their practices. That’s because after the Global Green Economy Index launched in 2010, leaders of companies across the globe finally understood how green business can impact firm performance and thus, the economy. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of global warming and thus, businesses that promote the idea of saving our planet will be prioritized.

If you want to bring your business to a new, green level, then make sure that you understand the practices that must be followed. Besides those guidelines, here are some of the most essential ways in which you can go green this year.

  1. Giving your employees more flexibility

Remote work is the newest trend on the market, as it allows employees to save money on gas, save time on commuting, and have a rather flexible schedule. According to a 2019 study published by the Business News Daily, employees are more productive and efficient when working from home. That’s because they are able to take personal time to rest when needed and can work whenever they want to. A flexible work schedule can encourage employees to get work done more easily because it teaches them to become more independent and thus, responsible for their time. This can happen at the same time as the business becomes greener and more environmentally-friendly, which can be a win-win for both parties.

By working remotely, employees won’t add as much to the greenhouse gas emissions nor will they consume as much fossil fuel. The office resources used to keep them “going” at work will be reduced to zero, since employees will be working from home. Thus, the company will focus its efforts on the staff’s other needs by going green.

  1. Use eco-friendly packaging for your products

If you run a product-oriented business, you should definitely start using environmental-friendly packaging for your products when delivering them to your customers. If you have a remote team working online, sending them products wrapped in eco-friendly packaging should also be a priority. Excessive packaging can have a negative impact on the environment and, even though practical, it could damage our planet in the next decade (if we don’t do anything to change our practices).

Try to avoid plastic as much as you can and send your goods sustainably. Research has shown that consumers are less attracted to products or business practices that are not eco-friendly. To ensure high-quality delivery but also care for the environment, switch to green packaging. This packaging is usually recyclable and biodegradable.

  1. Stop doing business with non-green companies

To play a crucial role in the development of green trending, you must make some sacrifices. The first one should be changing packaging to be environmentally-friendly, as we discussed, yet the second one might be more challenging to process. Your company should only do business with other green companies to send out a clear message to the world, which is, go green!

Choose your suppliers carefully and ensure that small businesses are part of your plan. Also, review your partners’ sustainability criteria carefully to ensure that their policies are in alignment with your company’s. Consider their working practices, the materials that they are using, and whether they engage in any recycling practices.

  1. Use it more than once

According to Dan Jones, custom papers manager and activist, the waste landfill in the UK has increased by 15% since 2013. That is a huge increase in waste in only seven years. One of the major factors that led to this was the “single-use” of food items (and not only). This leads to serious wastelands, as you can tell – these wastelands can be poisonous and even deadly for the environment.

To change this trend, you should set up a new culture in your office, from the way your employees treat recycling to encouraging the use of mugs instead of disposable cups. You could also change the paper towels dispensers with hand dryers. Implement a system that allows every person in the office to be responsible for their “green” or “non-green” actions and then, reward those whose practices are worth sharing. This will encourage more employees to do the same. Soon, your culture will change, your employees’ mindsets will change, and your practices will be easier to implement!

  1. Encourage your community to become green friendly

Encouraging your community to become green friendly is another way in which your business could impact businesses around you. For example, instead of having all of your employees drive to work separately, encourage a car share scheme where they could drive together. Not only will you save gas emissions, but you’ll also foster a more positive and close relationship between your employees. Your employees could also get involved in various other green opportunities in their free time. One of the most popular is the United Kingdom is “Cycle to Work,” a travel scheme that allows employees to save 25-39% on bikes and accessories by cycling to work.

  1. Travel less

The first point we mentioned was the remote work program that you could implement. Check the benefits again if you need to. Besides those presented, there are other travel-related costs that can be reduced. For instance, minimizing business travel should be a number one priority, especially now, during a pandemic. You could replace face-to-face meetings with Zoom calls, email exchange, or other low-emission communication methods.

For best results, ensure that your employees are educated on the latest trends of online communication. Use the latest tools to have them prepared for these changes. In order to keep them efficient when transitioning, they must be trained to understand how the new system works.

  1. Install renewable energy sources

The biggest change you can pursue as a business is installing renewable energy systems. Making use of such sources of energy – such as solar energy or wind – can significantly reduce your company’s impact on the environment. Not only will you help the planet but also yourself by lowering your energy bills. You could check out the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency or DSIRE for more information on how to start. There are many federal- and state-level programs that might be of great help to you.


There are many ways in which your business can become greener. All you have to do is put in the necessary effort to discover those options, review them carefully, and then implement them within your company. Also, don’t forget that in order for a company to go green, its employees’ mindsets must also be “green,” so educating your staff on these issues is a must.

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