7 Courses Every Business Owner Should Take to Get More Results

[This article was written by Michelle Deery.]

Staying up to date with new business trends and learning new skills is vital for business owners to stay on top of their game. The more you know, or can do yourself, the more services your business will be able to provide.

Constantly searching to learn new things and improve their knowledge is a required skill set for successful business owners, especially in an uber-competitive online space. The good news is there are plenty of courses available for business owners to take advantage of. Here’s a roundup of the best business courses to get more results.

Content marketing

 When it comes to bringing relevant customers to your business, content marketing is your best friend. Spearheading the ‘inbound’ marketing movement is HubSpot, who’s Content Marketing Certification is the perfect course for anyone wanting to start out with a content marketing strategy. The course provides information on how to generate content ideas, tell inspiring stories to attract customers, and how to get your content in front of the right people. It’s a free course and is perfect for anyone looks to kickstart their content marketing initiatives.

You’ll learn how content marketing works and how it can help your business, how to plan a long-term content strategy, how to promote your content and extend your businesses’ audience, and how to measure your results.

 Launching ‘lean’ products

Author Eric Reis has a great online course designed to change the way businesses launch. It’s a great option for any business owner looking for high-growth. The Lean Startup is based on his book of the same name. It’s designed to help entrepreneurs launch and market their products at scale. You’ll learn about how to market your product quickly and effectively. At $14.99 it’s a great course for those looking to build minimum viable products that launch quickly, learn how to create products to meet customer needs, and the learn the metrics needed to judge the success of new products.

 Digital campaigns

Improving digital skills is a must for business owners in the modern era. Look no further than Udemy’s Digital Marketing Masterclass, which offers a range of 23 courses to help businesses grow with digital marketing. The course covers everything from social media marketing, YouTube, Websites, Content and Email Marketing.

It’s around $50 but you get over 30 hours of videos, various articles and guides and more. This course will help you learn more about using digital channels to improve your business, increase sales conversions and extend your reach.

If you want to get more results out of your email database, think about improving your email campaigns. Follow the best practices and tips from this webinar ‘How to design the perfect email campaign’.

 Data recovery

Data is the currency of the digital age, so being able to manage your data effectively is important. The Data Recovery Bootcamp is a course designed to help business owners recover lost data and take control of their digital assets. Pricing varies, but the course will help you learn the fundamentals of hardware data recovery, so you can diagnose dead drives and bring them back to life. If, however, you don’t have time to take a course like this, fortunately, there are plenty of options to stay on track of your data, such as outsourcing the work to a Data Recovery specialist.

Growth Hacking

If you, as a business owner, want to take advantage of the many digital tools available to help your business get more results, the Growth Hacking Masterclass: Become a Digital Marketing Ninja should be on your list. This $50 course is designed to help business owners achieve meaningful, quick growth. It’s about finding and building online audiences and using digital tools to generate as much data and revenue opportunities as possible.

Finance fundamentals

Getting your finances right is critical to stay on top of how your business is performing. The Fundamentals of Accounting course presents the perfect opportunity for business owners to learn the basic principals and terminology for nailing your approach to finances. The course features a couple of hours of video instructions, with the aim to equip you better to manage your finances and better manage your revenue. Plus, it’s free! So if you want to learn more about managing your own bookeeping, reviewing your accounts, creating your first balance sheet and income statement, and more, this course will help you master the common principles of financing.


There are plenty of options for business owners to find new courses, from Udemy to Skillshare to Lynda. Whether you want to improve your website, financing, content, branding or something else, there will be a course for you. Learning new skills is a great way to self-educate, reduce your overheads, and maintain greater control of your business.

Author Bio:

Michelle Deery is a professional freelance copywriter and editor for Heroic Search. She has been writing content for over 7 years and specializes in writing content about marketing. You can find her on Twitter.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-deery-ba7131123/

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