6 Tips For Improving The Content On Your Website

[This article was written by Samantha Higgins.]

A website is the gateway for many people to see your works or purchase your products. This was especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic. If a business didn’t have a site before then it probably had one not long after the world shutdown.

However, this doesn’t mean the nearly two billion websites across the globe are the same. Some barely see any activity. This might be due to their design, operations, or lack of updated information.

To avoid this from happening to your online location, here are 6 tips for improving the content on your website.

1. Interface & Experience

Remember these two acronyms — UI and UX. Respectively, they’re short for User Interface and User Experience. The former is the ease users have in navigating your site. The latter is how fast data is compiled and retrieved for display.

Subpar UI and UX stops visitors from, well, visiting. They go somewhere else if navigation through the site is slow or choppy. They also venture to another location if it takes a long period of time for information to be displayed, even if their internet connection is fine.

You may need the services of a web developer to help you out. If that service isn’t in your budget, then you need to improve the way users move around your site. That alone can help improve both the UI and UX for them.

2. Edits

Your site might have the boldest design and the fastest data retrieval rates across the internet. However, if what you write can’t be understood, then people will turn away. Simply because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean you don’t have to edit.

In fact, a website is the most important place to edit your work. It’s seen by millions, if not billions, of people. Poor grammar and punctuation aren’t tolerated, and readers will let other people know about it. Therefore, be diligent and edit your work before publishing.

3. Incentives

Here are two ways to bring people to your site. First, be a subject matter expert (SME) on a certain topic. Second, lure them in with an incentive.

Business owners like to use free eBooks or a downloadable list of tips to bring people in and keep them on the site. These don’t have to be huge tomes. Actually, the smaller the better. Quick reads allow people to get back to your site.

4. Videos

Videos improve a sight because they go beyond the purpose of still images. Where photos capture a single moment in time, videos allow users to immerse themselves in the environment. This is particularly true if your business is travel-based.

Like the rest of the blog, your videos must be edited down to the cleanest version. While some bloopers might be cute, it gets unprofessional if people see it every time. Also, make sure they’re high-quality so people can view them from a computer or smart device.

To protect your work, make sure it gets your video gets watermarked. Internet companies like Invideo provide watermark video stamps similar to ones you’d find in online photos. It might not prevent someone from using the video as their own. However, they’ll know it belongs to you due to the watermark.


The blog is not dead. Instead, it’s refined. You can definitely use it to express your opinions. However, what it’s useful for these days is to display your expertise on a subject. If you’re an SME on something, then readers will backlink your work on their sites. In turn, you’ll bring in readers from those locations.

Review Links

About backlinks: you want to make sure the ones you have on your site still go to the proper URLs. If you’ve been in operation for a while, then some of those websites you connected with might be gone by now. A quick review of all your links can help remove broken ones. The search can also help you find new links that you can use.

In the end, take your time on the website’s improvements. Don’t feel like you need to rush things to bring back an audience. If your content is relatable and evergreen once you’ve finished the enhancements, then they’ll come back and stay.



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