5 Ways Creative Window Display Design Excites Customers

[This article was written by Kara Masterson.]

The landscape of retail continues to shift. Within the past decade, most major retailers have shifted to using digital platforms and online shopping as a way to grow their businesses. As the data shows more people using online shopping as their preference for many purchases, certain components of the retail experience get lost. Window displays fall in that category of lost components. However, it’s still important to bring it back. Consider the five ways creative window display designs excite customers.

Exclusive to Brick-and-Mortar Stores

You can always make a website look appealing and pretty. However, there’s nothing like the in-person experience of looking through windows. There’s an instant appeal that online retailers can’t compete with. If you’re looking at a garment in the window display, you can see what it looks like in its best light. The image isn’t altered or photoshopped to perfection. It’s physically in front of a customer.


Window display designs should grow and evolve. As the execution evolves, improvement is consequential. When a brand continues to outdo its own retail experience, this will continue to keep the customer’s attention. There are certain retailers that continue to provide stunningly intricate window displays. As a result, people will come to the store just to see how things have changed.

Window Shopping

Window shopping is filled with nostalgia. There are times when people are low on funds. As a result, they opt for a window-shopping experience. Window shopping is aspirational. When people come to the window of a store, this means they can’t wait until the day they can come inside and purchase items.

Invitation to Come Inside

When a store maintains a beautiful exterior appeal with a professional commercial storefront, people will naturally want to come inside to see what’s going on. To maintain good-looking windows, a glazier is a good resource for glass care. When a retailer can get individuals to come inside, it’s a lot easier to get a sale.

Seasonal Experience

Throughout each season, nature drastically changes. Granted, in some areas of the country, fall and summer look exactly the same. However, there’s something really beautiful about watching the leaves bud in Spring. There’s also something extremely captivating about watching the leaves change colors in the fall. Maintaining a seasonal experience in your store window display will encourage customers to see what looks you’re going for during the holidays, summer months and more.

As the landscape continues to shift, it’s always important to maintain some semblance of visual interest to your brand. If you want people to keep their eye on you, give them something interesting to look at. Don’t just change things once. Be intentional about switching things up. It’ll keep the public guessing.

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