5 SMART Goals for Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

[This article was written by Jin Markov.]

Every management activity starts with planning. And the first step in planning is goal setting. You have been reading much about social media marketing trends, techniques, and benefits. For keeping up with all of these, you need to start with SMART goals for your social media campaign.

I am not repeating here the management concept of specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals. Though every business has its own goals and strategies for social media marketing, let us look at those that all of us must chase!

  1. Conquer Social Reviews & Feedback

Customer reviews are crucial to the image of any business.

According to a survey, in the third quarter of 2017, around 42% of the respondents aged 55-64 years had used a customer review for researching products online.

Owing to the increasing social media reach among customers, it becomes necessary to leverage social media channels for collecting customer reviews and feedback.

Most social media platforms allow feedback and review options. Customers can be tweaked and encouraged to share their feedback about recent purchases. These reviews are visible publicly and can contribute to organic referrals.

Customer inputs and opinions on social media can be leveraged for increasing product sales. 

  1. Increase Online Authority

Social media is the largest online hub for people worldwide. To target customers, it becomes necessary to use social media for your business marketing.

The visibility of your business depends on your online authority and vice-versa. Online authority for your business gets a boost through the appropriate use of social media channels.

You can create your business profiles on social media to share your website links, blog posts, news, highlights, events, achievements etc.

Paid advertising through social media also contributes to online reach.

The online reach of business organically increases through social media likes, follows, shares and conversions. Posting good content on your social media profiles can encourage more sharing among viewers and their friends and social circles.

Reviews and feedback from customers can be solicited online through such profiles. 

  1. Social Commerce

Businesses must follow customers everywhere. It is not possible for e-commerce companies to bring as many customers to their website as is for them to reach their customers on social media instead.

E-commerce through social media, also known as social commerce, is easy for every business to venture on. Facebook shops are quite popular already. They also have an online money transaction facility through messenger payments. The Twitter “Buy Now” buttons allow your customers to make purchases through the app and Instagram has Shopify integration.

Apart from selling directly, social media can be used for building networks with vendors, suppliers, clients, and customers. Through such networking, businesses establish their online authenticity to prospective customers.

  1. Establish Your Brand on Social Media

Although you get to hear a lot about choosing the right platform for the social media presence of your business, peer pressure compels you to use all of them.

Yet, for your new social media strategy, your goal should be to select the best platform and use it with the most suitable content to build your online authority. But, for best results, you must select the type of content appropriate for each of these platforms.

This table can help you make a good choice.


It is also important for a business to regularly update the content on their social media pages. But, it is equally necessary to prevent your page from becoming a junkyard of useless content.

  1. Turn Reviews into Ads

Customers are internet savvy and are more influenced by reviews compared to embellished ads. But, there is no substitute for advertisements. The solution is that the trend of social media advertisement takes a leap towards the real.

The best way to achieve this is by using the actual customer reviews and feedback in the advertisement of your brand. Social proofing in the guise of product review ads is something that you should not miss out if you want to get the best out of your social media marketing.

Such advertisements make the customer feel valued and increase the authenticity of the advertisement. Recommendations of actual users of the product or services seem more genuine to prospective customers compared to the paid celebrity endorsements.


After spending much time and energy on digital marketing, you have to change your strategy every time there is a change in the trend.

Social media users are increasing in huge numbers and so, it is time to switch your efforts to these most effective social media marketing goals.

Bon goal setting!

Author Bio:

Jin Markov is a Content Writer with Goodfirms.co, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 5 years and has been writing on areas related to technology, small business, start-ups, and marketing.

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