4 Ways to Prepare Your Employees for Their First Business Conference

[This article was written by Anica Oaks.]

Preparing for your employees’ first business conference means making sure they have the information to support the event both off-site and in the back office. If you’re not sure how to go about it, here are four ways to make that happen.

Rally Your Employees

Rallying your employees’ means having them gather in one area and give them the latest information on the meeting. The goal is to create a feeling of excitement, not dread. Background information about the speakers, learning sessions, registration numbers, what’s new at the event and other fun things that will happen. Make sure to let your staff know about bonuses they can enjoy at the event as well.

Sharpen Their Customer Service Skills

A quick refresher course that tests your employees’ skills in customer service never hurts. Even the best employees can get flustered, especially when they have to speak in public.

Go over the basics like the importance of smiling and eye contact. If they’re up for it, you could have them share their past experiences dealing with customers at similar events. Your employees’ need to know that if their confronted by a disgruntled attendee, they need to pass the complaint to someone who can handle the situation.

Prep Your Employees with Information

Business conferences can be intimidating, especially for new employees. However, there are things you can do. Create a guide on how to answer the questions, how to conduct themselves and what to expect overall.

The guide can be a small notebook or a FAQ sheet. Also, include information they’ll need like a map to the convention center, the contact information of the staff and where the closest coffee shop is located.

Understand the Importance of the Meeting

If you want your employees’ to understand the importance of the meeting, just tell them. For example, tell them where the meeting venue is being held and how much money it will bring in. Inform them how much money was earned at the prior meetings. Shedding some light on information like this will hopefully give your employees’ a sense of pride and pushes them to work harder.

Business conferences can get chaotic, so it’s important that your staff is prepared. Following the above-mentioned tips not only helps prepare your staff for their first business conference, but paves the way to success as well.

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