4 Ways to Improve Your Medical Office Scheduling Online

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When it comes to scheduling doctor’s appointments, you want your patients to have availability around the clock. When you limit your intake hours to only normal business times, it restricts the ability of some patients to call and schedule an appointment. Rather, you should work on improving your medical office online scheduling with these helpful tips.

Broadcast to Your Patients

One useful feature of many online medical scheduling software is that you can reach out to the patients who have registered with your program. You can inform them of when it’s time for their yearly physical, send reminders about upcoming appointments, or follow up on a recent visit.

Collecting emails from patients who aren’t registered in your online program can allow you to easily inform them of your online scheduling center. Once you start to get the word out, you’ll likely find that more and more patients choose to schedule online instead of calling in to book an appointment with you.

Have Automated Responses

Any good practice management software will provide you with automated email responses that can help to improve online scheduling while reducing the need for manual labor. For example, if you receive a message from a patient that has the words ‘can’t make it’, then you can set up an automated message that responds with other available appointment times so they can easily reschedule. This will help to ensure that your patients stay active with your medical firm.

Easily Track Trends

One really cool feature of many digital scheduling management tools is that you can easily see trends develop. For example, if you’re trying to discover what office hours work best for your patients, you can take a look at your system. If you notice that there have been a lot of openings early in the morning and more demand for appointments at a later hour, you can decide to change your open hours to better accommodate your patients.

Send Out Reminders

While it’s very convenient to let your patients schedule their appointments online, it can also make it easier for them to forget. Do yourself a favor and set up automatic reminders that go to your patients prior to their visit date. You can do this with text messages or emails. If you really want to get creative, have a confirmation link so that the patient can inform you that they’re still coming to their scheduled appointment time.

Part of any successful medical practice is having a plethora of patients. When it comes to getting those patients into your practice, online scheduling tools can be a great asset. You can utilize the four tips above to assist in improving the number of patients that use your online scheduling tool.

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