4 Ways CEOs Can Lead from the Front

[This article was written by Brooke Chaplan.]

While there are several types of corporate leadership styles, most employees prefer to see the head of their company at front and center. This position provides clear direction for everyone to follow and can prevent uncertainties about who is supposed to be doing what. Here are four ways that CEOs can lead at the front of their organizations.

Set Goals

Individual employees often have personal job-related goals they hope to meet. However, it is up to the boss to decide strategic directions for the company as well as the roles that each person will play. As teams and positions are formed, it is easier for leaders to guide them in the direction of company objectives so that goals can be successfully reached. Sometimes a goal needs to be altered when an obstacle emerges or a better direction is designated, but the shift in focus should remain with the leader rather than other employees.

Reward Success

Never take success for granted. Leaders should take note of milestones met and recognize the hard work and dedication of responsible employees. Criticism should be tempered with praise to encourage employees to keep moving forward and improving their efforts. Verbal expressions, company newsletter blurbs, and even occasional small gifts of acknowledgement help to build morale and reinforce respect for the leader and increases team collaboration.

Strengthen Weaknesses

Letting a weakness slip by until it grows in force or momentum is dangerous for leaders to do. It is important to identify employee weaknesses and help them adjust work performance to overcome the problem and strengthen overall job performance. To achieve this, strong leaders will have clear-cut job descriptions in place, along with policies and rules for employee behavior while at work. The leader must also apply the rules along with penalties for not following them to maintain an orderly workplace. Discipline should be given respectfully but responsibly to ensure employee compliance.

Be an Example

A CEO does not necessarily have to do all the work that the employees do, but he or she should be able to tackle his or her own duties with enthusiasm and commitment. Setting an example is key to inspiring followers to do their best while on the job. Hypocritical CEO’s will not only lose their employees’ respect, but the employees might also take shortcuts on the job if they perceive the leader to be doing the same.

CEO’s have a unique opportunity to provide organizational leadership. But they also have the responsibility to set goals, reward achievement, apply discipline, and be an example in order to get the most and best work from employees. Leading from the front is the best way to encourage employee performance, and by following these actionable attributes of good CEOs, any leader can hope to succeed.

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